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Author Topic: How do you prefer to organize your professions?  (Read 2732 times)


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How do you prefer to organize your professions?
« on: April 29, 2016, 04:37:45 PM »
Hi all,

i'm pretty new to the game and still feeling out the mechanics and wanted to ask how people prefer to organize their professions when starting out?

I tried the Pioneers/Provisioners thing but I kept ending up with my gnomes all focusing on just 1-2 different tasks and running out of food/drink/other resources. Currently I use 4 different professions;

Miner: Mines stone at highest priority followed by stonecrafting/carving/prospecting
Engineeer: All Stone/Metal/Machining crafting and building as highest priority, will tinker, prospect, mine stone and chop trees as needed as well
Farmer: Farms/pastures at highest priority followed by cooking/leatherworking/weaving ect
Woodcutter: Chops trees and tends groves as well as performs woodcrafting/carving
all jobs have medic, building and hauling enabled

What do you all do?


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Re: How do you prefer to organize your professions?
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2016, 02:56:28 AM »
Welcome to the forums!  :)
There are a lot of different ways you can set up your kingdom and it all really depends on your style. However IMO specialists are better than generalist in a normal game.

The first three professions I make are utility. (all gnomes should be medics and caretakers)
One job that has all jobs allowed so I can set a gnome to this temporarily to see all the skills he has quickly instead of looking at his page and backing out.
The second one is a basic "Monk" job with mechanic, agriculture/farming, and building/hauling. I like it being near the top of the list since many of my gnomes get put as monks until I decide where to put them. A few seasons of working with plants and training will give a strong boost to the speed they move at and dodge chance to help stay safe.
The third is a Hauler profession whith only mechanic and haul/build, but I put the priority for building below hauling. (A big/busy kingdom will need a few haulers)

Early game I use something like this. (early game all gnomes haul and build at low priority and when I use pasture I mean animal husbandry)
Miner(all-stone skills, smelting, blacksmithing)
Carpenter(all wood skills, horticulture, farm at low priority)
Farmer(farm/pasture/horticulture, cooking/brewing, weaving at low skill)
Carver(butcher, leather worker bonecarving, tailoring, pasture, farming at low priority)

I set the pairs that work stone to the stone job, same for the wood guys and the two farmers, I set the rancher to the Carver job, the two builders get turned into monks.
This gives me a pretty stable work force as long as I dont rush the farm/grove sizes too early, and should allow all the workshops to be built as needed.
Once the kingdom is stable and has a foundation to grow from I decide what direction I want to take the kingdom.

I am not going to claim this is the best strategy but it works for developing a strong economy.
Usually I use something like this for non hard-mode kingdoms I want to grow large and wealthy.
I am a big fan of using specialists, so once you are stable and have more gnomads I would make a few specialist gnomes out of your most skilled workers. (skills listed in order of priority, hauling as desired)
1-2 Carpenters : Carpentry, wood-carving, woodcutting, horticulture, tinker,
1-2 Masons : Masonry, stone-carving, prospecting*, pottery, mining(only early), tinker,
1 Brewer: Brewing, cooking, farming, horticulture, pasture, weave, (I favor brewing priority since gnomes can eat raw fruit but not drink it, wells can be used to delay setting one)
1 Cook* : Same as above ^ just swap brewing and cooking.
1 Tailor : Tailoring, weaving, pasture, farming, horticulture, tinker,
1 Leather-Worker* : Leatherworking, butcher, tailoring, weaving, bonecarving*, pasture, tinker,
1 Smith : Armor crafting, weapon crafting, blacksmithing, engineering, machining, metal working*, smelting, tinker
1 Carver* : Butcher, bonecarving, gem cutting, jewelry making, metal working*, prospecting*, pottery*, tinker

* Denote that the job or work can be merged or done by other specialists/jobs based on your preference or layout.

I then support these specialists with various groups of support workers and haulers often mixed into my military. (I might not use these all in the same world, depends on the kingdom)
Farmers : Farming, horticulture, pasture, hauling, cooking, weaving, building,
Monks: Mechanic, horticulture, farming, hualing, building
Grover(off duty axe warriors) : Mechanic, woodcutting, horticulture, building, hauling
Miner (off duty hammer warriors) : Mechanic, mining, building, smelting, hauling
Weavers : Weaving, pasture, farming, horticulture, hauling
Forger : Mechanic, smelting, machining, hauling, building, engineering

Sorry for the wall of text, last tips look into setting up multiple workshops with different priorities and sets of craft to orders to stream line production chains along side push/pull settings for efficiency. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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Re: How do you prefer to organize your professions?
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2016, 11:35:43 AM »
Thanks for the advice, I will definitely use some of this in my next kingdom.  :D