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Mod ideas
« on: April 28, 2016, 01:59:46 PM »
OK… So, right now, I’ve started using Tacyn’s base mod.
And I was wondering, what else would I actually like to happen in Gnomoria?
First of all I would love to see Gnomoria Alchemy and Gnomoria Extended Metals combined with Tacyn’s base mod.
But what then?
I’ve seen a lot of ideas floating around concerning slower development of food processing – for example implementing a workshop enabling You to use more recipes (like tinkering) – so for example – You can create light meals from Tacyn’s mod, but for more complicated recipes You have to build a “research” workshop.
Some more metals maybe? With required skill levels? Just to make things more interesting in later game?
Magic? Alchemy? Runes on weapons? More difficult enemies (I've seen a dragon idea somewhere)?

I think that the idea of required skill levels is very important for later game, because when You can create most of things from the beginning it gets pretty boring soon.
And I really loved Glassworks mod, because… well it seems like it really should have been there from the beginning ! Is there any more crafts like glass that You miss?

Surely, there is two different angles of looking at it.
First – things that CAN be done with modding – like for example another type of metal or another type of craft like, I don’t know, maybe instruments making? Bees and honey?

Second – big changes – like for example religion, music, dance, managing happiness of Your gnomes etc. Libraries to make books?

I was for example thinking about some religion features?
Right now it could work like that:
Altar – crafting a “piety item”
Temple - crafting weapons with the piety item.
And then making skeletons and zombies very vulnerable against these items?

And something connected with runes magic? I thing it could be done with a mod - crafting weapon wtih a rune making a rune weapon with higher stats?

Rare monsters making rare statues? Like megabeasts in dwarf fortesss?
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Re: Mod ideas
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2016, 08:06:02 AM »
I want boss fights.  Sometimes I try to build kingdoms without gates and use military control and strategy to fight off enemy invasions.  I want to be able to test my tactics against random encounter mobs that either spawn in dungeon depths or on the map somewhere and drop loot.  In the initial releases of the game during alpha goblin armor was wearable by gnomes before it became "worn," so I would guess/hope it is possible for creatures to drop items gnomes can use.  Maybe after so many years we will see trolls or dragons attempting to enter our kingdoms.  I have enjoyed the mods containing more enemy types. 

Most of the mods simply function to provide more choices...more metals, foods, vegetables, crops, etc. The content I really would enjoy would provide more challenges for players to encounter.  I like the change to cooking in Tacyn's Base efficiently feed gnomes requires a bit more planning and thought.

Enemies with ranged weapons would introduce a new dynamic to base building, for example...line of sight would matter more.

I don't like how goblin tunnelers leave tunnels all over the map even when my base is open and accessible...I would rather see goblin sieges where they can knock down wall blocks with increasing efficiency.  This would encourage open base play style while introducing new defense planning and mechanics to the game.

Certain blocks take gnomes longer to mine through than others...i.e. Iron vs. Copper.  Perhaps the goblins would be able to knock through blocks with varying levels of difficulty...i.e. dirt is faster than stone, stone is faster than block, and block is faster than metal...perhaps obsidian would then be useful as a super hard material.

I like the idea of constructible weapon and armor enhancements.  Perhaps introducing super rare materials along with the ability to craft these materials into item enhancements would provide an additional way micro manage the military the military gnomes and develop new tactics as well.

More trees, more ore, more crops just tend to clutter the game as opposed to making it more dynamic and interesting in terms of content.  Cosmetics are not a personal priority...we are playing a 2-d game with terrible graphics...the fun comes from management, control, and least for me.  At the end of the day a strawberry is an apple is a turnip is a potato is a raspberry, etc.  They all serve the same purpose.

I like the more complicated cooking system because it introduces new purpose to the game.

Training captured animals to fight using golems has been a fun new mechanic available due to the animal camp mod...I like this addition of content...perhaps the ability to put armor and spikes on my bears would be awesome.

Just my 2 cents...

I wish I was adept with coding...I'd try to tackle some of these things...

To those of you who have taken your time to code and develop the mods available so far, Thank You!