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Author Topic: Making mechanics less stupid (and less dead)  (Read 2007 times)


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Making mechanics less stupid (and less dead)
« on: March 26, 2016, 06:07:42 PM »
I'm guessing most people who've tried traps have seen this problem.

I make a lever that makes that locks the goblins into the entranceway of death, except it doesn't usually work, because levers and traps don't work well.

There are three major problems:
*) Using the alarm bell prevents gnomes pulling levers
*) If you don't use the alarm bell, your idiot gnome mechanics will rush out to reset your traps, getting killed
*) If you have traps to reset queued, your gnomes will reset them before pulling a queued lever OR ringing an alarm bell

Frankly, this is so bad I really consider it to be a bug, since it makes traps so much harder to use properly.

Suggestions to fix this:
*) Create a new "job priority" and type for "Reset Trap".  (Or as a simpler option, just automatically prioritize ringing bell and pulling levers over traps, since traps are automatic, and bell/lever is an explicit command)

*) Gnomes are allowed to pull levers, (but not reset traps) when the alarm is sounded

Bonus ideas:
*) "Run Away you stupid Gnome" - Gives a button in the Gnome's GUI allowing you to give that specific gnome an order to stop all combat and run to the Great Hall before doing any other queued orders or work.  (Useful for when your rancher decides that he has to pick up that goblin arm in the middle of the battlefield, and ignores any other orders)


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Re: Making mechanics less stupid (and less dead)
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2016, 08:44:53 PM »
Going to go ahead and address some of this for you.

1. Not true, using an alarm bell causes all non military gnomes to flee to the great hall, any military gnome not assigned to active duty will be able to flip levers and reset traps if set as a mechanic.
2. I won't argue with the fact that traps being considered the same job as other mechanical orders causes issues. This could be addressed by build/play style or a change to priority and job type.
3. They will attempt to reset them only if they have a path available to said trap, a mechanic job is picked up first by proximity so interrupting a mechanics path to a trap can cause them to pick up a closer job (IE that lever by the gate they got stopped at)

Traps have been in a "love/hate" state with this community for a while. I personally rarely ever use them, and the best results I have seen with people who use them is as an early warning/softening tactic for strong military kingdoms.
I view traps as a waste of both gnome power and kingdom value/space considering the value of material needed to perform well at a job they only do "once" a fight.

My personal favorite of the suggestions that pop up about these issues is implementing a "forbidden" tag for items, traps, and locations. (IE any trap that gets set off is "forbidden" until you assign a reset job, or any corpse not killed by gnomes is forbidden until selected)

Bonus tips. Don't auto butcher corpses, and only unsuspend a corpse stockpile when needed. (Just a quality of life thing if not using mechanics to protect suicidal gnomes)
I often have an automaton that sits in a box and makes coal day and night until a mechanic order pops up, he is assigned to the military but does not fight.
Here is a album showing how to have an alarm bell set to automatically be rung the moment something comes to visit. http://imgur.com/a/p3UQs
This can be expanded upon to fit many situations, just keep in mind to set the job order first. (The job wont be attempted until a path is made available)

Edit: I would like to point out that I may have sounded overly negative of the regular traps, I would like to say that they do have a use and are a viable choice with vanilla settings.
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