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Author Topic: Modding Tutorial [Simple Rock Chest]  (Read 4160 times)


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Modding Tutorial [Simple Rock Chest]
« on: November 15, 2015, 07:35:44 PM »

The present Gnomoria modding permits only adding new contents to the game, and perform some balancing changes, like create a new furtiture, new workshop, alter creature status, initial itens and stuff like that.
THERE'S NOT MECHANICAL MODDING, so you can't add new comportaments, like gnomes mooding, flying enemies, etc...

Due the forum limits, I upload the zip images to my Google Drive:
And make a Gloogle Document with the same contant of this post, if you prefer:

Notepad++ http:// (or any other text editor)

The Gnomoria modding files are in you game installation path, usually in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Gnomoria\Mod Files

Theres two main folder: Data and Sprites, the first one contains the base data of Gnomoria, the other one, the spritesheet.
The files inside this folders containts the base for a new mod! :)

To create a new mod, first you need to create a New Folder inside the folder "Mods". Let's name it "MyMod".

The next step is important:
Copy & Paste the contents of "Mod Files" folder to "MyMod" folders. We gonna edit this files to make our new content.

So, to our mod we gonna make a Rock Chest! That works exactly like a wood Crate, but is a chest!  :P

Open the Notepad++ (or other text program).
We will use the "Find In Files" (CTRL+F) function to look for every file related to the Crate's data. To copy it, edit and make our Chest.
  • Search for "crate"
  • The folder of out mod (with the base data files already copied)
  • Uncheck "Match Case", to hit "Crate" and "crate"
  • Check the "In all sub-folder", to search across all files
  • Hit "Find All"
(important: If you aren't using Notepad++, you can use Windows Search too!)

I got 35 hits in 11 distincts files.
Not all files will need modification, for example:
- Data\Names\word.xml
This file contains the word "desecrate", so match our search, but isn't related to our road on making the Rock Chest Mod.

Let's start the edition (I will follow the logical path of data, rather then the search results order).
You will need the rockchest png file inside the Sprites folder. (I know! It's not a EXACTLY chest! But don't judge me! I'm not a pixel artist!  :'()

File "Data\sprites.xml"
We will start adding the reference for the rockchest sprite. Add the Item tag for our chest next to the Crate item tag.
(TIP: There's Robob0b commentaries in start of each file to help you understand the data, always read that!)

File "Data\Objects\items.xml"
Define the new item "Chest", applying the "Storage" effect of 64, so the game can understand that item is a storage and have a 64 itens capacity. Also associates the right SpriteId to our item.

File "Data\Objects\itemsettings.xml"
Map our ItemID (key) to a StorageID (value) in the list of storages, see the next file.

File "Data\Objects\storage.xml"
Here we can see the StorageID that we associeted in the previous list. This file shows the list of itens that are allowed in our chest (in this case, I choose only food just for fun).

File "Data\Objects\construction.xml"
This file have lots of other options for the "constructables" itens, read the commentary to learn more advancing options, for now, we just need copy the Crate tag and edit.

File "Data\Objects\constructionsettings.xml"
In the previous file we say to game that have a new type of constrution, now we say that construction is a storage (again).

File "Data\jobsettings.xml"
Put the construtionID from previous file here under "BuildContainers" tag to ensure that gnomes can have a "build" job associated with the chest.

File "Data\UI\rightclickmenusettings.xml"
In the previous file we defined a new build job, now we make it available in the game menu, just adding few lines and pay attention do assign the right jobID.

File "Data\Objects\workshops.xml"
Finnaly, after define our Rock Chest is time to say where e how we build one.
You must pay attention to put the CraftableItem tag under the right workshop (you don't wanna will our rock chest being constructed in Tailor Shop.  ;))
Here you can define the ingredients for the item and what skill is required for the gnome do the job, and witch gnome attribute will impact in the item quality.

This is a simple starter tutorial. Thereís in game screenshoots in the zip, to show the results.
Fell free to add comentaries, sugestions and critics. This is my first tutorial, I hope you enjoy and help me to improve it.
And remember: IíM NOT A NATIVE ENGLISH, sorry about gramatical mistakes!

Thanks to Robob0b for such amazing game.
Thanks to Aavak for amazing gameplays on Youtube!
Thanks to all users of Gnomoria Forum. You guys are a incredible community.
For the BEER!


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Re: Modding Tutorial [Simple Rock Chest]
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2015, 07:36:15 PM »
For the BEER!


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Re: Modding Tutorial [Simple Rock Chest]
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2015, 03:44:20 AM »
Good tutorial for beginners.
But you should mention that you should only include needed files and that you should remove not needet tags.


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Re: Modding Tutorial [Simple Rock Chest]
« Reply #3 on: December 30, 2015, 05:49:50 PM »
Hi Guys,
Is there a tutorial how to create a translation mod step by step????

I try to create a test mode with changing some lines, but i cant  create this mod, when i hit
the create button, it comes an error message.  :'(

thanks for helping and a happy new year!!!!