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Author Topic: Please raise the price of the game on steam  (Read 727 times)


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Please raise the price of the game on steam
« on: October 27, 2015, 11:12:01 AM »
Gnomoria is horribly underpriced for the quality of game that it is. The $8 tag and often $2 on steam sales while amazing for consumers can actually hurt a product in a big way. I spent a long time working retail and products pricing can play a major role in how successful a product is. The extreme example are Apple products which are always priced at a premium and the customers know this. When somebody is debating between an Apple product and something else they typically don't even consider products that have a very low price tag, no matter how competitive said product might be. One thing is for sure though people looking at products spend a lot more time comparing things that have a similar price point.

Let's take four products, product A priced at $999, product B at $979, product C at $949 and finally product D at $449. Lets just say the products are all TV's and have very similar specs in terms of performance. This also means that there are hundreds of tv's priced below, similar and above the tv's the person is looking at. The sad reality is that the person will generally never even look at product D when comparing products, and if they do it will be a very short look. The only chance that product D even has is if it goes viral, or has strong advertising behind it. It really doesn't even matter how good Product D is humans psychologically automatically perceive it as worse/cheap and not worth that much of a look. Right now Gnomoria is that product D and not only is it product D it's way better than products A, B and C.

The biggest issue with Gnomoria is that it makes a really, really bad first impression. The complete lack of tutorial and the useless hotbar/auto manufacture can be crippling to a new players first impression. These issues, combined with the extremely cheap price of the game really hurt it's sales in an ironic twist. Because of the price people don't bother to watch a few lets plays to see how damn good the game is, they just look at a few screens and pass it over for something else. Tons of people buy it on a $2 steam sale, start it up for a few seconds and then close it for good as well and that really hurts getting the word out about how damn good this game is. For $2 people aren't willing to get past the initial learning curve, they just close it and quit. If the game was $20 and they picked it up at 66% off for $7 or $8 they would be much more willing to learn the game and get that deep experience that the game offers.

Don't be afraid to raise the price, ESPECIALLY going into the christmas season Robobob. You deserve it and this game is worth a lot more than $8, it's easily in my top ten games of all time even in it's current state. Unlike most games in this genre the core of Gnomoria is incredibly strong, so while it does have some flaws the core game is simply amazing.

*If you want help crafting tutorials that work, let me know. I'm more than happy to help you with a basic tutorial for the game free of charge to help get people past the initial wall this game has. I've made youtube based videos on the game in the past that have done really well, and made tutorial content for multiplayer Starcraft 2 for four years. I'm not Day9, but I made some incredibly well received content and I know how to teach people how to get the most of a damn challenging game. (PM me on here your email/skype if you want to talk.)


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Re: Please raise the price of the game on steam
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2015, 10:16:15 AM »
Guess you didn't hear that he is going to raise the price when it hits version 1.0. I think it will be $15 from then. That should be before the end of the year, according to his plan at least.