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Author Topic: Zeus: Everything Gnomoria Needs  (Read 3012 times)


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Zeus: Everything Gnomoria Needs
« on: July 02, 2015, 11:50:44 PM »
So, there's a videogame out there on Good Old Games called Zeus. It's $10. You can buy it here. Now, you can play it just for its own sake, it's an awesome city-building game. But there's a lot of things in that game that would make Gnomoria more awesome if they were incorporated.

Firstly, the combat system is ideal for a Gnomoria-type game. Build tower defenses and click a button to man them. Place banners and individually or collectively summon your troops to that location.

Also, there's diplomacy. They have an interaction system with gifts and raiding and invasions and how well your allies and rivals like you that would work wonders in Gnomoria. Also, you build up resources and then set them aside as a mission objective. Then, the next phase of the mission is to play the colony, building up a second city starting with the resources you set aside. Once that's big enough, you go back to your main one, with a new colony that you can trade with, ask for favors from, do favors for, and get military support from. Colonies also pay tribute, as do conquered enemies and anyone who just decides to join up with you.

If you play this game for any amount of time, and have played Gnomoria, then you'll start seeing ideas that would be aweome to code into this game.

Now, Zeus isn't the same game as Gnomoria. There's not the creative freedom to build. But this game can learn from that other one. And the result is a supreme game.