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« on: June 06, 2015, 12:29:33 PM »
Embark is a game in the same genre as Gnomoria which I'm developing. The focus is more towards the social aspect and having a large game world. Also its in full 3D and multi-threaded. Complexity is a huge focus, it's definitely not one of those dumbed down 3D dwarf fortress clones which get boring after a few hours.

I've put it up on steam greenlight and would love to hear what you guys think. What aspects of this genre do you think I should focus on?


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Re: Embark
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2015, 07:31:43 PM »
Looks very interested and similar to my own goals, I'll give you a thumbs up on greenlighting.

I think your going to need to put a lot more polish into the game to get enough value to drive sales, I would try to develop a visual style that is less like MineCraft, people judge you by that 'look' and will assume it is a MineCraft clone.  I find the main character model to be underwhelming and it fails to match the rest of the game well, if you don't want to go with a fantasy tropes (Dwarves) then maybe something totally off the wall (Ants, Aliens, TRON) could be a compelling visual style.

What are you group size goals, it looks like your actually aiming for lower counts to facilitate the social interactions.  But if this is the case then what are the advantages of multi-threading and what aspects are multi-threaded, how many threads?  Within the DF like genre pathfinding is overwhelmingly what drives the performance and desire to do multithreading and under a low unit count this is less of an issue.

The huge perlin noise generated world is interesting but it will need to be creatively utilized, the players settlement needs to interact a lot with the outside and not just the immediate outside but far away places to make this compelling.  I've been struggling with a way to allow zooming out to a big 'world map' view which could act as a place for high level politics and warfare to occur.