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Author Topic: Agar.io and my story  (Read 3382 times)


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Agar.io and my story
« on: May 09, 2015, 01:15:49 AM »
So Agar.io is a fun browser game that is basically the germ/cell like stage of spore and you go around getting bigger and bigger eating others or the small bits that spawn naturally but you can't live on those bits you need to eat others to survive and to win.

Link: http://agar.io/

And now my story...

It started out as a another simple game just me trying to survive against everyone and so I though it would just be a normal day of me getting eaten all day...So as I continuously die I watched the leader board saw who were in the top 10 and after a while I found 2 people with almost the same names 22273(forgot the rest of his) and 22237--CPC well it turns out those two were teamed and most likely irl friends or family it does not matter...WELL cpc was giving the other one all the mass he was getting making his friend bigger and bigger and his friend would sometimes do the same so as I tried to get big enough to fight those teaming jerks CPC killed me several times so I changed my ingame name to CPC WILL DIE and after that half the server wanted to hunt me down mostly the big guys and those two I kept going(At this point I did not care who killed me or how many times i died) when it came to the point where I was bigger then CPC he used dirty tactics against me while also having his friends after me(At some points him and the other guy were both on the leader board) He kept using dirty tactics on me so I did the same killing his friend( At this point I knew he was mad ) it went back and forth for at least a hour and at the last moment when I was number 5 on the leader board enough to go after him I get a small message that only appears for a second before the entire server restarts ending the fight and letting CPC vanish into the shadows never to be seen again. ( Or at least I hope. I will hunt him down if I ever see him again and this time I will have friends of my own)

Hope you liked the story that happened like 1 minute before this was made. It was a underdog/revenge mission cut short.