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Author Topic: Find this movie PLEASE  (Read 2491 times)


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Find this movie PLEASE
« on: February 14, 2015, 06:36:28 PM »
OK as it says i need someone to help me find a movie. From all i can remember there is a group of people being hunted by some elite sniper dude but are trapped in the large area by a force field. The sniper as im going to call him has a lot of different weapons. the people are hunted 1 by 1 and somewhere near the end there is only 1 women left and she somehow kills the hunter. I do remember that there were people behind like 1 way glass or something and 1 of the guys i think is killed in a small cave like place by the hunter and where he is killed right under that is 1 of the guys that is watching the hole thing from what it looked like they were behind the hole thing. After the women kills (or makes him fall on a spike or something) the hunter she is allowed to leave by the people watching also there is a truck i believe near the road that she is given but she does not take it because it could be a trap.

That is all i remember of this movie and it is driving me nuts. If you have seen this movie and know the name or think you know something that can help me find it PLEASE let me know.

 To sum it up
-People being hunted
-Trapped in force field after arrival
-only 1 survives
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