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Build Ideas
« on: January 30, 2015, 03:52:53 PM »
Okay, so I wanted to build new things in my Kingdom, and I couldn't find any ideas, so thought I'd write this for anyone who struggles with an idea, with my own designs...

So have decided to write a few I will be trying. If anyone has any other ideas please write comment and I will add to the list of ideas!

- Also sorry if my English isn't good.

All my buildings are usually 2 block high... I prefer the look...

ABOVE GROUND: Defensive wall, 4 blocks high, 3 blocks wide. Inside and outside of walls farms, pastures, and groves. Alarm bells around the outside of defensive wall, a training ground in the middle of the wall. All farmers, woodcutters and above ground workers have 2 block high houses. Inn inside defensive walls with Brewery and dining room, assign to a Gnomes for Innkeepers, have an upstairs with beds dormitary for Gnomads who have no home yet.

GOING UNDERGROUND: I always struggle making something to look cool underground, I always want to do a big grand entrance to my city... but not good at doing it... so I usually do a small 5x5 Pyramid idea, with a torch on top. A mineshaft, 3 blocks wide, two blocks high, 3 blocks long, with a door and stairs at the back. Stairs at the corners of all defensive walls. Merchant Hub: 7x8, 2 block high, 4 Mercant Stalls, and two stairs parrelell, with doors on the other two sides parrelell.

EMERGENCY ROOM: I usually build at (-2 -4), have a hospital with bandages nearby in need of a problem above ground.

ABOVE GROUND DEFENCE: (-6 -8) Have a few training rooms for your more experienced soldiers

GUILD QUARTERS: I build around (-10 -12) Have a small corridor with 2 - 4 mined out walls for stairs going down. Leads to a small dining room, with more corridors leading to personal quarters. Stockpiles for high quality food and drink here.

GUILD WORKFLOOR: Around (-14 -16) I make 5x5 room with stairs going up in each corner, a torch in middle, and 4 stairs going down surronding torch. I have 3 block wide corridors going in any dirrection I want, with 11x11 mined out rooms, torch in middle of each room. each room is as follows..

Woodworkers Guild (1x Sawmills 3x Carpenter 1x Furnace)                Can manipulate these to suit yourself? But I prefer to do rooms like this.
Miners Guild (3x Stone Cutter 2x Stone Mason)
Needle Guild (1x Loom 3x Tailor 1x Leather)
Cooks Guild (3x Kitchen 2x Butcher)
Jewlers Guild (2x Cutter 1x Jewler  2x Prospecter)
Crafters Guild (1x Woodcarver 1x Stonecarver 1x Kiln 1x Metal Worker 1x Furance)

MILITARY HEADQUATERS: (-18 -20) Small 5x5 room around stairs with statues, leads to 3 block wide corridors, with 11x11 rooms again, and smaller rooms for soliders to sleep. Also has Hospital for badly wounded Gnomes

Forge: (2x Furnace 3x Forge)
Smiths: (3x Blacksmith 2xSmelter
Crafters: (2x Weaponsmith 3x Armourer)

Whilst mining out the ore, make longer winding trails with a training ground near where you started to mine (no torches inside the tunnels) so that soldiers can train on Zombies and Skeletons who spawn. (Not preferable early game)

COMMAND CENTRE: (-22 -26) Long Pillars, and a wide corridor, leading through to your Great Hall, Long Table with only chairs at the end. Smaller tables around. 4x3 rooms mined out for breweries. At the end of the Great Hall, have a long (5x5?) stairway going up to reach the Kings/Commanders Personal Quarters. Also prefect place to keep your Ambassadors, near the King. King also has training ground for himself and the Commander in need things get bad and they are needed to fight. Smaller rooms for other Squad Leaders can be here too.

MOLOSEUM/TOMB (-30 - 34) Long Pillars again, multifloor walkway, Make 1 block wide 3 block long corridors to 3x3 rooms with corpses stockpile. All ore is preserved, Never mine it out. Goblins get butchered - how dare they take up the tombs of fallen Gnomes. Bone Carvers Are around here. All the walls are engraved apart from ones with ore. Statue inside every tomb. Torches only near entrance of Tomb, Training ground around the tomb for the extra fun of Dead Gnomes coming back from the dead as a Zombie or skeleton to be killed again and put back inside their tomb.  :P

That's all I have so far... any ideas would be great... struggling of what to do now...hope these ideas help someone else though :)