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Author Topic: Vertical Village Challenge!  (Read 3807 times)


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Re: Vertical Village Challenge!
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2014, 08:10:27 PM »
As it turns out, Tower Kingdoms are my preferred types of kingdoms.  This is one of my many takes on them.

Kingdom Name: The Charred Joke
Kingdom Seed: 8266887084
Save File: http://www.tafoyaproductions.com/Bordo/Tower Kingdoms/The_Charred_Joke/world01.sav
Note: This is a "game testing" kingdom as I am play-testing to see if I can figure out what is causing a new "stagger lag" that reared its head as of 0.9.7.  It comes the 1st day of the third summer along with my fourth ambassador and only happens when there is not fighting going on.  I do however employ many of my usual "amenities" at the compound.  I would also "normally" make my tower out of rock/stone/metal instead of dirt.  I play on "mini" since I simply don't need the real estate (and lag) with anything bigger.

Level 25 view: Rooftop

Notes: When there is nothing better to do, there is always the lovely past-time of prospecting on the roof.

Level 24 view:  Ambassador Penthouse Suites

Notes: Since they have nothing better to do than free-load, they might as well have to travel the furthest to take a nap.

Level 23-8 view:  Future Expansion Area

Notes: Obviously more Ambassador Suites will go from top to bottom and Gnome suites will go from bottom to top.

Level 7-1 view:  Gnome Suites

Notes: I build whole floors in complete units of 4 room expansions.  The lowest floors are inhabited by the Gnomes (primarily the starting 9) that are down deeper in the kingdom below (Level -7).  For example, my two starting Miner/Masons live in the lowest set of suites whereas my starting Woodworkers live a bit higher since the woodworks is located pretty close to the surface (Level -1).

Level 0 view:  The Market

Notes: This is grand central station of the entire village.  Every passes through that one opening.  Gnome don't mind and they NEVER get stuck or jammed.  With the timing of my particular merchants among 4 neighboring kingdoms, only two Market Stalls are ever need (so far).  I also don't believe in bring down the pollution of my furnace and kiln underground (just a preference).  Notice the stockpiles for crafts (the crate nearest the stairs) and the closest crate of bandages 32 of 384 total stocked bandages.  And, yes, I did screw up and accidentally run out of straw...LOL.  Also notice the tool stockpiles near the well as well as the wheelbarrow coral that everyone passes by to either get something or place something.

Level -1 view:  The Woodworks / Mushroom Farm

Notes: Now originally, this area did not have the large "experimental stockpile" and was just limited to a compact woodworking area in the center  The perimeter that I make on this level is exactly 8 spaces from the perimeter and will be home for the future holding cages that lead prisoners down to the (yet to be constructed in THIS village) coliseum at Level -7.  Notice the lack of any woodcarver and the fact that most of my wood is in the less valuable wood form so as to manage kingdom worth.  I am intentionally not turning off "hidden cells" although I will give a view of that at the end.

Level -2 view:  The Textileworks / Hosital

Notes: Textileworks is here to make bed-making more efficient.  I "Craft to:" certain items like string just like I might do with sticks with the Carpenter.  Whatever it takes to not have workstations not just get completely bogged down and turning red but to keep them working faster at 100 efficiency by holding as little as possible with the workstation storage area.  The 4 bags I craft to are a bit of an exception as you can't stockpile them (unless doing it manually by ordering their movement).  The textile is run on 2/3rd cotton fiber and 1/3rd wool fiber.  Crates are strategically placed to make input ingredient trips as short as possible given the configuration.  The hospital here is fully ready to take on as many patients as come through.  Although it has 9 beds, I have noticed that Gnomes will "double up" in the same bed (midnight hanky-panky while the nurse is awy?...LOL)

Level -3 view:  The Armory / Jewelworks (future home of)

Notes: This is spot for the armory.  Notice that I am utilizing only the crudest weapons (stone) and armor (bone and leather) possible that also keep me "just protected enough" from the enemies.  This helps lower kingdom worth.  Just like in the room above, this room will be dual usage and will host the gemcutter and jewelry workstations once enough raw gems have been found to make it worthwhile.

Level -4 view:  The Bone/Leather Works (future home of the Tinkerworks)

Notes: This is the level that makes use of the bones and leather produced from butchery.  You can also see it housing the "sacred armor and starting weapon from the homeland" (yeah, it probably could be better used on a Gnome or displayed in the Great Hall, just haven't bothered much with it).  This will also be a split room that will have tinker benches nearer the stairs for those bored Gnomes.

Level -5 view:  The Compact Kitchen and Distillery

Notes: I gave you a bit of zoom on this room.  This is a carefully constructed "assembly line" kitchen containing a butcher shop at the very end providing meat.  Barrels of Yak milk and Bags of Wheat Grain are staged for the "intermediate kitchen" which converts meat into sausage, milk into cheese and grain into bread as per "craft to"'s.  The next kitchen uses the aforementioned ingredients plus eggs & mushrooms to make sandwiches (highest priority) and omelets (as a back-up).  There is a lower priority stockpile tile for one sandwich and each of the three omelets that serves as a marker that the "buffet" in the next level is full of that product.  The dual distilleries both work on all 6 drinks but one does them in the opposite order.  These are low priority stations since we have a well centrally located well.  I consider the drinks to be a treat and they weren't started until the second spring (right after Gnomes started getting their own sleeping quarters during the first summer when there was no agricultural-work/harvesting/food-storage to do)

Level -6 view:  The Grand Hall Buffet and Trophy Room

Notes: A very low key (to lower KW), but functional Grand Hall.  It has a buffet of all the best food and drink and each items is separately stockpiled for both a one-tile "display" and a one-tile "crate".  I tend to do many things like this so that there is an "indicator" letting me know either that the crate next to it is full or empty (depending on which priority relative to each other I configure the "display" and "crate").  This floor has actuall all been mined out for dirt and clay and will soon bee completely removed so as to create a viewing platform for the Level -7 coliseum floor below.

Level -7 view:  The Stone/Metalworks and Coliseum Floor (to be constructed)

Notes: This is the area of the compact stoneworks and beginning metalworks.  The stuff stored down here is temporary and will be removed once the coliseum nears readiness.  I especially use it as an overflow area so as to store items for future use (but keeping them as raw as possible so as to keep their values low).

Level -8 view:  The Crypts (upper floor)

Notes: This is the upper area of the 3x3x2 individual crypts.  Nobody has dies yet, but each of my Gnomes requires the peace of mind that his remains will be memorialized after they fall.  To create, this I map out the plan on the top level and get the top level all done and then I start digging down so as to send the blue-print downwards.  Most all of the floor you see here will eventually be removed as this is a 2 high ceiling area.  It will have bridges spanning over gaping chasms when it is ready and the crypt halls will be like statue gardens.  Each crypt has a torch above a sarcophagus and pillars and statues.  When a crypt is actually taken on the stone colors are customized with other types of rocks.  This is the area where I control the "levers of kingdom worth".  Turning stone in blocks and using those blocks to adorn the crypts, raises my kingdom worth to where I want it.

Level -9 view:  The Crypts (upper floor)

Notes: This is the lower area of the 3x3x2 individual crypts and is mostly just being started as you can see by the wealth of resources down here.  There is nothing at further levels until the Level -10 garrison is created to facilitate deeper mining.

Here iis snapshots with hidden cells turned off:

Notes: It will look grander and quite a complex once more flooring is removed and the coliseum ceilings are dug out and .

Friendly comments/suggestions and banter are welcome.  Negativity will get you slapped with a fish-bot. ;P


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Re: Vertical Village Challenge!
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2014, 07:14:30 AM »
The effort you put into designating functions for each level and explaining them is impressive; I don't go to great lengths in the name of maximizing efficiency to justify the placement of everything so it's sometimes interesting to read about how others like you do it. The catacombs were a nice touch as well; looking at the desolate walls and floors of blue with all those torches gave me a slight creepy feeling, and your future plans have definitely made me curious to see how it turns out.

Given that it's a test kingdom for you, I'm not sure if this tower would be properly finished but if you do intend to I look forward to seeing the end result.


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Re: Vertical Village Challenge!
« Reply #3 on: March 09, 2014, 07:46:35 AM »
Looks great! I've never actually made a crypt for my gnomes before, I usually just put a couple of statues by a staircase that goes down to a gnome corpse stockpile. You've inspired me to make it a little prettier.