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Author Topic: My Kingdom, Year 13:  (Read 2743 times)


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My Kingdom, Year 13:
« on: February 21, 2014, 02:34:13 PM »
Hey guys, wasn't sure whether to post this in Kingdoms or General, hope I've chosen the correct forum --
I've been playing Gnomoria for a long time now and using these forums for most of that time.

Main reason for posting this is to share my kingdom: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ezwbuoehx8h130/world30.sav with anyone who wants to take a look.

I've managed probably a dozen earnest (8 years at least) kingdoms by now so this is a pretty ambitious design. Most primarily, it's a wall-in. Combat is definitely still my weakest point in this game, as it sometimes seems so unpredictable, so, for the sake of sanity and fun, I've also turned the enemy difficulty down and made metals more abundant. I have not removed any enemies.
The basic design is a terrace expanding upwards into natural/artificial cliffs with the center of the map being a valley. What's key here to me is to try to make something that looks cool from the exterior while also trying to use total available surface squares to total capacity and efficiency when it comes to agriculture and ranching, as they are almost exclusively the only squares able to easily provide adequate conditions. I decided to build the terraces upwards instead of digging them downwards due to past experience. My first attempt at this structure failed because of my weak military force -- I couldn't erect walls quickly enough to sufficiently protect myself. By terracing upwards I am able to build, essentially, ONE wall to protect my populace while building each floor as it is reasonable to allocate resources.

As for the lower layers, they are largely unfinished. Each floor while be designed around whatever need is most present as labor becomes available to work on them. Depth -10 is the most finished at this point. I had a very costly battle there with beetles so I decided not to go deeper until I had developed a solid footing. I am building a metal refinery on that floor as well as a memorial training grounds/barracks, and once I feel I can adequately outfit a standing army and reliably equip replacement rookies I will then punch through and begin to mine my way steadily down.

Anyway, I know I'm still a pretty green player, but I really just wanted to share my efforts thus far and encourage anyone interested to download it and take a look. I'd appreciate advice from anyone who'll take the time to give it, and I'll monitor to answer any questions about the world anyone has.


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Re: My Kingdom, Year 13:
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2014, 09:03:39 PM »
Okay, surprised at being the first to reply (but less after writing this for half an hour)... Having no idea if this was the correct forum section either. On exploration, this belongs in the Pictures forum section, with other cool works worthy of ogling.

Congratulations on having someone with a non-tinkering skill over 200!

Overall, I see a different play style, which has slowly evolved to handle learning elements.
Three main suggestions:
Zone the crash pad area as a dormitory, it resolves the annoying alerts if nothing else.  (the sleep quality is unlikely to improve absent manicured floors).
junk stockpiles - avoid them.  Either halt production, or make a larger, denser, specialty stockpile for the resource in surplus (Which you started to do on the edge levels).
In my experience, the woodcutter and miner tasks are not performed by millitia unless they are assigned a military uniform that includes the tool.  (The military uniform overrides the profession uniform, afaik).

And a few neutral comments;
I also choose the small map size for my total terraforming mega project, though I personally find peaceful difficulty preferable to walling in permanently.  Far too often have I lost entire kingdoms to a poorly timed wall opening.
I very much agree with assigning the vast majority of the population to emergency-call squads (except note above on professions).
My personal style is to have as little effect on the environment as possible, as forest gnomes if you will.  My entrance is a nice hole in the side of a hill, usually concealed behind a tree.  Groves are zoned to match the pre-generated forests.  For safety's sake, the farms and pastures end up terraced into/onto the sides of high hills.
And I have had quite a bit of fun (if not success) with the use of mechanisms that you have completely ignored.
My internal designs tend to be structured strongly around workshop efficiency, looks like an assembly line in the kitchens, and the forge complex.
I haven't bothered to optimize my military, I just make sure to get it far enough to keep working.  And producing masters of shield-bashing  ;).

My longest kingdom went 9 years, had two farmers go over 100 skill (and one military lord over 100 in both axe and shield) with 34 gnomes maximum.  They were all slaughtered when I re-opened the gates after a three day funeral for the earl (who was slain by an apparent critical hit) while the backup squad trained, and a string of continued poor luck found all 10 of my steel full plate with legendary shield and mostly legendary weapons soldiers slain in an ogre-mant-ogre grindfest. 
The water catchment machine was really starting to work too  :(.
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Re: My Kingdom, Year 13:
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2014, 05:56:37 AM »
Moved to pictures forum.
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