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Re: X-Rebirth
« Reply #30 on: November 17, 2013, 05:21:31 PM »
There are some things that may get better with increased game play.  For example I know there is a trade computer you can buy eventually that allows you to see trade offers within about 10km from a station instead of needing to get super close to each of the trade spots.  There are better scanners that may help with that too.  I suspect that the beholder drones may be better at unlocking information on stations, but I haven't tried that yet.

I know that you can assign ships to each other or to a station that you own, so I believe it will be possible to have a small defense fleet guard your stations, but who knows if that will work at all.

I forgot about the trade computer. Unfortunately, it still doesn't allow you to trade remotely, or to see offers in other zones or sectors, even if you have other assets in other sectors. So even if you find a good sell offer and take it, you still have to fly around and find someone who'll buy it.

Regarding assigning ships to each other and stations, there are severe limitations. You can only assign smaller ships to bigger ships. If you have a medium-sized freighter and a similar sized combat ship, you can't assign either to the other, they're considered equals. Not to mention ships don't respond reasonably to threats, so I don't see what good it'd do anyway... I have yet to see a ship assigned to my squad fire on a target that I didn't shoot first (even if they were shooting me, and even if they were shooting my ships). I'm confident this will be fixed eventually, but it's amazing how few features in the game actually work. About the only one that I can think of is the ability to fly your ship around.

This is extra painful for me because of how poor I am and the fact that the $50 was hard for me to fit into my budget.  I guess the lesson learned from this is to stop pre-ordering games that haven't been reviewed by the public or that I haven't been able to beta test yet.

Honestly I learned that lesson after Diablo 3, but unfortunately I still fall for it sometimes. I managed to avoid the fiasco that was SimCity but, like you, I never imagined Egosoft would churn out such crap. Buggy and messy, sure, but I was sure there'd be a game waiting to be played under all of that. Nope. Like you, I am never going to buy or pre-order a game that I haven't already personally played or has been reviewed. I don't care if it's made by Jesus and the Buddha, and powered by fairy dust, I will not buy it until I know what to expect.


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Re: X-Rebirth
« Reply #31 on: November 18, 2013, 05:07:57 AM »
[Conspiracy Theory]
Star Citizen decided that the best way to advertise their game would be to dump a couple $millions to Egosoft to release X:R early (after only 7 years in dev)
There are so many references to SC in the X forum... youtube comparisons of cockpits, Space details, etc..
[/Conspiracy Theory]

Seriously this Xbox arcade game is not worth your money and has nothing to do with the originals.
I was a big fan of X1 (BTF) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6lYX3beUDs

-Cockpit takes a lot of the screen realestate for no good reason
-No Radar
-No way to look around without turning the ship facing
-Repetitive animations (in and out of cockpit)
-Only one or two station design
-Women with very old disease faces and teenage voices
-Smaller universe than the othe X games
-Hundreds of small useless ships following each others
-Busy cramped space filled by huge factories
-Gives the impression of going to town on a Friday night NOT the vastness of space
.. and I am not going to mention the scripting bugs, bad interface, graphic glitches like sunglasses that fit sideways, etc...

Very disappointed. DO NOT BUY THIS.  2/10

(they didnt die outright, they shamble around for a while, bleeding like it was a 70ies samurai flick)


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Re: X-Rebirth
« Reply #32 on: November 18, 2013, 05:29:53 AM »
Thanks for the reviews. I would not have bought anyway, as X Rebirth is Steam-only; thanks to the reviews I know I do not miss out on anything. Sad as it is.

Quote from: Kelderek
Game companies seem to be following an unsettling trend lately with dumbing down a game in hopes of appealing to a broader audience, but they end up failing to appeal to ANY audience at all.

Yes, they go to "production values": graphics, handholding, graphics, narrated story, graphics, recorded voices, graphics, 5 hour plus annoying tutorials , graphics. What they seem to miss is the core of the players experience, i.e. the fun.

Which explains to a large degree why indies have so much breathing space.