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Author Topic: [READ ME FIRST] Bug Reports - Bugs will not be fixed from this forum  (Read 21269 times)


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This Support forum will be used for general support and discussing bugs, but not for posting legitimate bugs. The following procedure should be followed if you have an issue:

In order to get your bug fixed as efficiently as possible, and to make Gnomoria developer life a lot easier, it is highly recommended (in some cases - required) that you have the following:

  • Your game's .sav (save game) file where the issue occurs. You can find it in your Documents/My Games/Gnomoria/Worlds/ folder. Upload this file to the issue tracker. If you are getting size limitation errors, upload it elsewhere (such as Mediafire or Filebeam), and post the link to the download in your issue comments.
  • If your issue is a crash, copy/paste the Gnomoria.log file into your issue comment, found in your Documents/My Games/Gnomoria/ folder. DO NOT UPLOAD THIS FILE, or link to this file on another website. DO copy/paste all of the data about this crash into the issue comment Tip: If you have several crashes documented in your Gnomoria.log, the crash at the bottom/end of the file is the last crash you had. This way, similar issues can be found as the BugZilla tracker parses all of this data and allows others to find similar issues.
This will help organize bugs and help me get them fixed faster :D

Thanks to bvierra for getting this setup for us!
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Re: [READ ME FIRST] Bug Reports - Bugs will not be fixed from this forum
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Additonally, be as descriptive and specific in your title as possible. Avoid vague titles like 'Just a quick question' or 'I need help.'
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