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Author Topic: The Kingdom of Terrorhand (let's play)  (Read 41888 times)


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Re: The Kingdom of Terrorhand (let's play)
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138. - Exchanging the mud defence

Terrorhand is a kingdom with unparalleled military might, the glory of our industries is known throughout the world. Our technical and mechanical brilliance is unrivaled, yet what has been keeping out the enemies... you got that right, our walls. And the great walls of Terrorhand have so far only lived in the imagination and plans of the Emperor.

That is changing. Now that a lot of the work has been done, it's time that we give those oh so important walls a proper makeover. Fear inspiring our walls will be, impenetrable by our enemies and guaranteeing the safety of the Realm. Today we lay the groundwork for what is to become yet another masterpiece of Terrorhand...

Oh and by the way, new patch! After a long drought there are new features in Gnomoria... Hurrah! :D