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Author Topic: "What is the Kingdoms forum?" and user safety  (Read 8966 times)


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"What is the Kingdoms forum?" and user safety
« on: April 08, 2013, 12:35:53 PM »
Hello everyone!  As traditionally Gnomoria is a singleplayer game, the purpose of the Kingdoms forum may not be self evident to everyone.  The purpose of the Kingdoms forum is to find other players to who would like to share the experience of managing a kingdom.  It is also where you can post your interest in joining in the experience.  This is done by copying the saved game and emailing or using applications like dropbox to send another player the save for them to play.  You can do this with more than one player as well, with each player either taking a predetermined amount of time to play.

The rules for how players manage the kingdom and save file are decided by the original starter of the Kingdom or those interested in playing it.  Some ground rules are advised for events such as a player not having the time to play his part, so a "revert to last save" rule or "you have X amount of time to play your part" are set.  Feel free to modify and figure out what works for you and your group.

Saved games are located, by default, at C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Gnomoria\Worlds and end with a .sav extension.  If the name of your save is not changed, it will probably be world01.sav or similar so to avoid overwriting yours or other players saves, it's a good idea to rename your save game (probably to the name of the kingdom with other information such as the season or last player to play).

By sharing your save with others or downloading a save from another player, you take the risk of bringing a harmful file to your computer.  Use caution when sharing and downloading saves and scan files you receive.  The other person may not know their computer is infected with a virus or trojan horse!  Be careful and use common sense.  You're looking for .sav files, not .sav.exe or any other suspicious extensions.  You and you alone are responsible for the safety of your computer.

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