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General / Re: Upcoming changes - Combat
« on: September 10, 2012, 11:16:11 PM »
Try digging down 50 levels and find some gold and platinum, then make coins and you can trade one gold coin for EVERY SINGLE ITEM in the merchant's inventory. The keywords here are "Valuable Metals" (Like gold, platinum) and "Gems" (Saphire and Emerald - Ooh Shiny!). Plus, more metal to work with is also a good point. Beware of the high-level golems though.

My Merchants never have something worth buying (might be tied to kingdom worth... all i can get is a bit copper and tin, malachite (completely useless, unfortunatly) and silver ore. If i leave the silver ore where it is (i try to keep a low profile until my soldier gnomes have the loot the goblins drop to a reasonable coverage, and the skills to use them too - having a gnome loose limbs in every fight is so counter productive, since the fights happen every few days anyways)

For the rest of the post: low-tier prosthetics are also shared with my idea (although mine are wooden sticks, not copper). As for the water: there used to be pumps and rain back in the early beta, but it was too laggy so RoboB0b have removed it out. It is quite understandable, though, since the fact that moving water takes a lot of processing power: Yesterday I tried to make a 2x40x2 moat that surrounds my seaside (or lakeside) camp, but as soon as I open the floodgate, my computer drops to its knee because of the fluid calculations, which dropped the framerate from 50 down to 3-5fps. Segmenting the moat (digging 2x4x2 holes, then flood it and repeat) works though.

Sounds like a problem with the water routine. If the map creator is any indication what it takes to "settle liquids" (aka, half a minute on a quite good computer) the liquid routine needs help - badly. DJoslin from Simple machines made the "Finite Water" Mod for Minecraft, wich does not (entirely) kill computers, and works quick enough to actually surf down a chasm on a raft if you are careful. Maybe RoboB0b can drop him a line on how he did it (it isnt needed that someone invents everything all over again). If i recall correctly he did it by not doing it realistically, but by applying a simplistic model. Something down the line of: If a tile is having less water in it than the tile next to it, the tile with more water gives half of the difference to the one with less. Ignore if the difference is lower than X. if a wall next to a 100% water tile gets "empty", the water tile will give the empty tile 50% water, containing itself 50% now. Then the next adjacent reacts, goes down to 75%.... etc. While it certainly worked for Minecraft (There were only 8 levels of water in each block) this option might be too complicated (would need testing). It does, however, simulate the quick flood you get when you dig into a sea (not entirely sure why you might want that, but there might be water trapped deep down in the world, where you cannot help but digging into it).
You could compensate/tune it, if "settled" liquids get assigned a hidden "Area"/"Room" wich contains a certain amount of water. Now if someone digs into it, the same happens as above, only that you take the whole "Room" of water as a source. This minimizes the amount of calculations (real water does not behave this way, but it really does not have to be realistic) to a certain number of calculations (if you add the new sea tile to the "Room" of water if the difference is lower than 10% of the average filling of the water "Room" you have a maximum 4 calculations per normal block flooded (50%-75%-87.5%-93.75% (given a sea thats big enough to always stay at 100% (unrealistic) and a complete empty tile))
You could tone it down even more, if you add the new block to the "Room" and calculate the fill level afterwards. Game wise, this wouldnt even matter (i am not sure at wich water level a tile gets unpassable...) if the tile gets flooded instantly.

Edit: moved the last bit to "suggestions"

General / Re: Upcoming changes - Combat
« on: September 10, 2012, 07:52:01 AM »
What about crappy prostetics (poorly crafted copper hand/leg) let you use your hand again, but with great deductions from your skill. A top tier prostetic should at best work like a normal limb, with the bonus that it does not bleed when cut off again (i mean, why should it?).

As for additions that would make sense: water. I know its in, but mostly there is nothing you can do with it. If you introduce sapper goblins, a moat might discourage them - but at the moment, so does a missing floor tile.

There currently does not seem to be rain, or otherwise new water coming to the map. Normally in Mining, getting liquid out of a mine is one of the bigger problems. letting haulers haul it out is the low tier solution, having an elaborate pumping system is the top tier thing. Youll need a lot of windmills though.

Then again, why even dig down deep. There is precious little down there (Metal comes easier from goblins...) thats worth destroying your kingdom for.

Support / Re: Gnomes just ignoring tasks to mine walls and other things.
« on: September 09, 2012, 04:29:21 AM »
I know that feeling. However, there is (almost) everytime this happens a reasonable problem source.

Check this little wiki entry on priorities:

In your case, the miners had a mining job, wich is the topmost priority. I guess you _wanted_ them to cut Blocks (its what miners normally do if you do not change the default miner profession) - but they wont do that, as long as there is still mining to do.

I had this problem with building workplaces: i designated 2 kitchens to be built, but the builders where never building them. They where building other stuff as soon as I ordered them, but not the kitchens. I figured out why that happens: there where no leftover tables (there where tables, but thos have been "built" by me already, and where unaccessible at the time. No tables no Kitchen, so they didnt even start.

I also gave my miners the job to smelt (this isnt so smart, and maybe ill designate a blacksmith to do that himself - he is the one using the metal afterall), wich leaves them to smelting, cutting blocks and hauling when there is nothing designated to mine. If i need the smelting done with haste, i assign it a priority higher than the cutting block, and the miners will do just that. If i had two miners, and both jobs are to be done, both workspaces _should_ be used.

However, sometimes a miner just wants to haul berries to the stock, and will ignore what i want. Thats Ok. It either means i do not totally understand gnomes, or that i do have an oversight (like the stockpile is full, or i accidently suspended a workplace). If he doesnt go back to work, ill have to find the reason myself. Sometimes he hauls a few berries to help his farmer friends, and goes then back to smelting.

This might be a bug, or programmed genius.

Suggestions / Re: Death Toll affecting not much
« on: September 08, 2012, 01:48:01 AM »
Robob0b has confirmed that there will be a "happyness" mechanic coming. The worth of their personal quarters as well as all events (many deaths during a siege) they are a part of will influence their happyness and with it, their efficiency. They will work harder and longer if they're happy, but not if they just saw 5 fellow gnomes die to a siege only to return to a very bare personal quarter.

That sounds awesome.
Sorry that i wrote this suggestion, as i should have found out about it if i looked on the proper page. Then again, i am new to Gnomoria (Greenlight made me find it) - Is there anything like a "vision" where the game is heading?

Support / Re: Gnomes just stop Eating and Drinking Everygame
« on: September 07, 2012, 06:41:53 AM »
Could be a pathing problem. Whenever a gnome deceides to fetch something to eat/drink, he chooses sometimes... very poorly, and wants to target stuff thats close by, but walled off (resulting into a epic roadtrip, or death if the trip is too long).

Sometimes they even run past food they could snatch right up to get to their chosen piece.

Suggestions / Death Toll affecting not much
« on: September 07, 2012, 01:24:51 AM »
Gnomes die. Such is Life (and Death, apparently).

But not much else happens, if you loose 2-4 gnomes every season (that would be a life expendancy of roughly 5 years for each gnome... seems a bit low). Sometimes you prefer gnomes dead, because all they do is take up population cap with one or more arms or legs missing (whenever mechanical limbs come in, this might or might not be fixed).

Gnomes dont mourn. Gnomads dont care about the high risk, they just look at the shiny walls and start to settle in the dead gnomes personal quarter. Merchants just think business is all that counts (well, no problem there, its very realistic).

Shouldnt a high death toll (Temporarily) reduce the kingdom worth? (may attract less gnomads or merchants)
Shouldnt gnomes worry about their comerades dying?

Suggestions / Re: Walking on Walls
« on: September 06, 2012, 11:41:20 PM »
The problem you mention is basically a player exploit - kind of thing and there's no real solution without changing the mechanics and forcing all the players to play the way you want to.

Plus, it would solve pathing problems when removing floor tiles (gnomes getting stuck because they are removing large floor parts, without the player having to spoon feed them every step) and solve quirks with gnome movements (i accidently removed the wrong floor once, and was wondering why the gnomes took odd pathings, until i realized i removed a floor behind a wall, and the corridor was indeed insurpassable because of the waist high fence.

Also: Ninja infiltrating goblins! How can you not want that? (ok, i can see why not, but it would make it a bit more dangerous)

General / Re: Making Gnomoria free! (i hope it does)
« on: September 06, 2012, 11:27:22 PM »
Coincidentally, I consider Gnomoria borderline kid friendly.  You've got your starvation and your goblin arm-chopping, but it's rather cartoony and it encourages problem solving and thinking ahead.  The adults can hardly stock food for winter, if your 12 year old can withstand a goblin siege then you're doing parenting right.

Epic winning posting!

Suggestions / Walking on Walls
« on: September 06, 2012, 01:45:34 AM »
It occured to me that the game needs the feature that gnomes and enemies need to be able to walk on walls.

I may need to elaborate this a bit, it sounds odd. Compare a pasture that has walls around it, and one that has no floors around it, with the dirt underneath acting as a wall. Both are inaccessible from the outside, thought the latter looks incredibly silly (the floors are maybe half a meter deep, surely a bloodthirsty goblin could climb that down and up again, and butcher the farmergnome and steal his yaks)

There is nothing wrong with the need for floors(and roofs), but if you remove them and they act as a barrier is just odd. If walking on a wall makes you superslow (half speed) so be it. But having a missing floor act a s a waist high fence that cant be surmounted is just plain odd.

Of course, that could open up the possibilities for ninja goblins that _could_ climb (low) walls, walk on them and infiltrate the fortress like that.

General / Re: Gnomoria v0.8.11 released
« on: September 05, 2012, 03:51:18 AM »
Next stage: Mechanical Limbs!

Suggest to at least make a placeholder for them.  If a gnome loses a limb, you can build a replacement that does the exact same thing.  Later you can add fun effects to them like blade arms, increased strength, rickety rusty legs, explosive shoulders, etc.  But for now I just wanna get some gnomes in nice chrome armatures~

Any idea when this will be added? Even if limbs are just blade arms or peg legs, anything that helps the mutilated gnome army function is good.

Screw peg legs. Gnomes are tinkerers.

We have the iron, we can rebuild him!

Bring on the ... Cygnomes? Gnomborgs?

Support / Re: Building a Distillery
« on: September 05, 2012, 02:18:32 AM »
I did encounter this problem yesterday too. The workshop was just too far away, and the only gnome carrying the materials needed (seems to equal "building" it) went to sleep after a while. The Workshop stoppen being green highlighted, wich turned the mats (wich just lie there) to free game to my stockpile crazy gnomes. They ganged together and undid what the single gnome was carrying all day  :(

going to try to stockpile all the mats near the planned workplace - THEN giving the order to build said workplace, wich should take less than half a hour gnometime when everything is nearby.

General / Re: Gnomoria on Steam Greenlight
« on: September 04, 2012, 10:18:10 AM »
Saw it there, upvoted it - and couldnt wait so i bought it...

Also told a buddy of mine, and he even beat me to buying it.  8)

General / Re: Making Gnomoria free! (i hope it does)
« on: September 04, 2012, 10:02:13 AM »
There is no reason this game should be free. Its awesome Value, even while Alpha.

Seriously, i cant even buy a meal for what it cost me.

I am sitting at a computer that cost me over 1000 dollar, and i want  a game that costs me 8 dollars to be free?

... i dont even...

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