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General / Weird Idea: Gnome Lee, the Martial Arts trainer!
« on: December 11, 2012, 01:24:57 PM »
I thought about getting gnomes battle ready lately, and it occured to me that I left a few things out that might be super important.

1. Fighting is for fighting unarmed, and quite weak against mants and armoured goblins
2. Fighting gets a significant bonus to attack speed, unarmed damage, run and dodge (iirc), if you add "Way of the Gnome", however you cannot use armour/weapons with it
3.Gnomes gain faster skillups if they train with someone of higher skill
4. Fighting rises like MADNESS if you have Way of the Gnome on, and let gnomes train

If I add this together in the shrewd mind of mine, I can picture why the part 4 is. Way of the gnome adds a bonus to the skill of the gnome, so everyone in a kung Gnome squad fights/trains with someone that has some serious skills higher than they have themselves.
Now, if we introduce real life combat, we do not want to send our troops against Mants and ironclad goblins with no armour on, because one hit, and arm comes off.
No more punching with that arm...


If we place one or two "Way of the Gnome" user(s) into a training squad, everyone who spars with them will get mad skills because they fight with someone who got boosted stats. Skill rises not as quick as if everyone would have the skill, but still fast enough to do the deed. Way of the gnome still gets good enough rises because it attacks fast, and attacking more often yields better training effect (Tested with my twohanded gnomes vs dual wield gnomes).
The Kung Gnome now acts as a training instructor. He is not here to deal damage or soak it away, he instructs other gnomes and trains them to have more fluid motions, attack with higher precision... (This is fluff for: we steal his bonus for the whole squad).
If push comes to shove, we can clad him in steel armour and make him a punching knight. Or re-educate him in using weapons...

It might be exploiting an imbalance, but what do you think? (Maybe this will get fixed, maybe this is cool enough to let it in...)
Might this be worthwile?
(and yes, I am going to test it before i declare it a viable tactic. Why'd you ask?)

Edit: List didnt work  :(

Help and Guides / Wiki Updated: Efficient Workshops
« on: December 11, 2012, 12:03:56 PM »
I updated the wiki with tips to how to be a successful Gnoministrator.

Todays focus lies in efficient Workshops. I have seen the error of "Two workshops work twice as fast as one" a few times, and think to clarify this a wiki entry would help

Discuss if you think I am wrong, or do have better points, or points I have missed.

Suggestions welcome (even: Do X next!)

Suggestions / "Slapping" Gnomes
« on: December 03, 2012, 11:40:09 PM »
Ok, dont get me wrong, i like my gnomes. I do not (really) want to slap them, or at least not that hard, or that often.

But: Gnomoria was influenced by Dungeon Keeper, and DK had this nice feature that you could hit your minions when they did something that you didnt like them to do. So when you slapped them, they sometimes switched jobs.
In DK it was often to keep them from getting lazy, or make them work harder, wich i do not really want.

But having a command (Hotkeyable, or on the Individual-Gnome-Infoscreen) that would make them "reconsider" their jobs would be nice. Its not the same as cancelling the job they are currently on, but just reconsider if they do not have a job that is (now) on a higher priority.

I often read the complaint that gnomes do haul stuff instead of working at a workshop (it might be that the materials only got available after the gnome already started hauling, etc). "Slapping" them should make them reconsider, see that they can now work at the workshop, and start doing so.

Bonus if a slapped gnome first would look for a bite or a drink, if his "thought bubble" shows he is hungry/thirsty. Althought that would be counter intuitive, and rather be handled under "short break" or "Pat Gnome".

Suggestions / More Info on Population - Individual Gnome
« on: December 02, 2012, 12:23:29 PM »
I have analyzed a few savegames by now, and do find it pretty hard to analyze the military of worlds I didnt play. Especially the habit of sticking every gnome into a squad so they can gear up some protective armour makes this very, very difficult (a full world will have 9 squads, wich is... confusing).

So I came up with a suggestion that would even help in my own worlds (well, a bit. I can know every gnome, but it gets harder with the frequent restarting of worlds), and would probably help everyone :)

In the individual gnome screen, show wich Squad a gnome belongs to, and what uniform he has assigned to him. This would make it _very_ easy to judge what kind of military Job a gnome has, and what kind of gear he is supposed to wear.
To top it off, make a "Link" between the squad shown in the gnome info page to the actual Squad page. This would make it easier to actually manage a gnome that is wandering somewhere where you think he shouldnt go (rightclick gnome, get his info, choose his squad, there you go), or one you see doing odd things (as all gnomes like to do).
Show in the squad view where the squad is assigned, or if it isnt assigned at all. This would make it easy to find out if a soldier is slacking off because of no duty, or because he has other problems (i once accidently deconstructed the stairs that led to the training room, and 2 of that squad got trapped outside. So they went on a lazy binge in the great hall, and I had quite a hard time to figure out why they where slacking off)

Thats all for now  ;D

Support / Invaders stop invading
« on: November 28, 2012, 12:58:55 PM »
It occured to me twice in a row now that my mant invasions just... stop invading after they got some random animal killed.

They start to waggle around aimlessly after their kill, aparently forgetting that their scout (whom I just ignore...) told them to raid a gnome settlement, and not some random monitor lizard.

It would sort of help if I did not have to mop up 15+ mants with the attack command. Sure i could just ignore them and wait until they find me by accident, but I do not like to have my map overrun by vermin.

I am just in my second year and have done very little terraforming, so broken pathing shouldnt be the problem. I think they loose their initial path and are too thick to find it again.

Not limited to mants, as goblins have been doing it too...

Suggestions / Expanding caretakers to take collapsed people to bed
« on: November 19, 2012, 02:00:14 PM »
Might be mighty self explanatory, but it would be nice if the caretakers would take a gnome that has collapsed in his duty or because he was being silly to a bed.

Doesnt even have to be his own bed, a dormitory would do (own bed would be preffered). If all fails, take the collapsee (is that even a word?) to the hospital. For further checking/experimenting on. Someone has to test these new mant-pheromone based pick-me-ups.

(Kind of got the idea from Rune Factory: when you overwork yourself there you get placed in the infirmeria and scolded at. Not so sure if they experiment on you though...)

Support / Falling/Dodging unto a wall... breaks the wall
« on: November 17, 2012, 12:56:26 PM »
I made a defensible position for my GunGnomes. First there was a hole/ditch down to the mob spawner, but the GunGnomes insisted to persue enemies once they spotted, leading to GunGnomes going melee.

So i walled the ditch close, and all that separates my GunGnomes is a missing floor tile (somewhat cheesy, but there you go).

These walls disapeared one by one, and I found out why: everytime someone dodged into the "no floor zone" he fell on the wall below, and aparently destroyed it with the impact. Might be that this is intended not to get mobs caught where they cant actually walk (you need a floor for that), but having someone fall 50 cm and breaking a wall with it is a bit silly.

I suggest (again) that gnomes/mobs should be able to walk on walls without tiles, but at a movement penalty. They also should try to avoid doing so (only if put there by force, or the the gnome is stuck otherwise/cant reach job destination should the No-Floor Zone be used.. And of course, they should stop breaking walls by falling on them  ;D

Support / Hauling ammo, one bullet at a time....
« on: November 14, 2012, 04:09:48 PM »
One of my GunGnome Style Soldiers got it into their head to drop weapon and ammo pouch containing all 32 shots when taking a break lately.

An awful lot of hauling happened shortly after. I was all "teh hell"? But ignored it - afterall, letting everything fall down on a whim is supposed to get fixed sometimes in the future.... But to be on the save side, i moved the ammo storage (basically everything under weapon-ranged) a bit closer so the hauling wouldnt take all day.

Turns out even more hauling starts shortly afterwards. a few minutes later the gnomes are still hauling, and i think: ok, you gotta figure out what the hell they are doing! Turns out they haul ammo one bullet at a time.

I have something in the range of 500 bronze shots, this will take a while.

Note: they take it from a pile, and dump it into a pile again.

Suggestions / Change to Zombie Virus
« on: November 10, 2012, 01:42:44 AM »
At first i was excited about the zombie virus. It sounded dangerous, and the possibility of a gnomish zombie apocalypse was apealing to me.

However, there are several problems:

One, Zombie Virus seems harmless as spork. Gnomes with the virus neither spread it, not are in anyway hindered by the fact that they are living dead-to-be.
Two, if you get someone to die while afflicted, his stats stay the same. This means that if i loose Jeb the mighty dual wield warrior, i will get an undead with good attributes but no fighting skill because i can easily seperate him from his weapons (basically happens in seconds after the fight). He could clean out all my workers, had he still his hammer and axe if his former comrades wouldnt get him first. But brawling - he never learned that.
Third, The zombie virus seems to convert into a random undead, wich means that my zombie infected woodcutter became a skeleton, and was unable to spread the virus. (Ok, we lobbed his head clean off before he managed to get to someone vulnerable).
Forth, and that one is the most pressing: Zombie virus counts as wounded, and is totally incurable.

What i definatly like is that zombified gnomes count as "notable kills" - not that it was a particular hard enemy (unarmed woodcutter skeletons are not much of a threat), but being forced to kill your now zombifyed friends is somewhat emotionally yarring, so a notable kill it is. But there should be a notice that it was a zombifyed comrade.

Ok, now to make it more interesting (it is a suggestion, not a complaint post. I try to avoid those):

- Remove zombie virus affected gnomes from being count as injured unless we can do something about it (see below)
- Only let those afflicted return as zombies. Returning them as skeletons makes absolutely no sense  ::)
- Give risen zombies a certain unarmed skill, so they can bite and claw better (this reflects their instinct and ferocity)
- Make gnomes that have to fight a risen comrade unhappy/distressed - this is the main problem of the walking dead. They used to be people, and it freaks the surviors out to kill people they knew of. This only works when we have more detailed pychology, of course. Its bad enough at the moment, where only the most pressing status gets shown.

This has to wait until we get alchemy/magic:
- Make the zombie virus curable. Yes, it is not according to zombie movies but neither is magic (most of the time). Make it cost more than bandages, because that would be silly. (I guess there will be "magic" ressources like herbs and powders to create potions, or charged up (can be depleted and recharged?) gems/jewellery to store magical energy)
- Make gnomes with zombie virus slowly wither and die, once they are afflicted. This of course only works if you have a working cure (or a bite would be a death sentence to all gnomes, wich probably no one wants... Gnomoria would instantly turn into a zombie apocalypse szenario - this only apeals to a very small part of the players (myself excluded))
- Make gnomes with zombie virus upset (not so upset they cant work, but a fair bit). They know what they got, and it should by all means freak them out. If intergnome relationship are in, make other gnomes dislike/shun the affliced until he is cured. Afterall, it should scare them.

Suggestions / Despawning and a limit to Beetles
« on: November 04, 2012, 01:48:01 PM »
I found a small cave next to my underground fortress today that was stock full of beetles. Aparently sometimes in the past a beetle popped up because it thought it could reach a gnome, couldnt and did what beetles do when they are bored: it multiplied itself (somehow).

Turns out the really, really small cavern was more or less filled with pressurized beetles.

I can live without that cave (or mark it for destruction from above later on, when i get blunderbusses), but i guess i will get some serious lag and overhead if every beetle spawns another one after X time. (the savegame has become unplayable and crashes the game when i load it - coincidence?)

Is there a beetle - limit per tile in place? If not, we probably need one. I think beetles need to live of something (other than other beetles). Its just silly to have a cavern of 6 tiles filled with more than 10 of them (rough guess).

I think if beetles could overspawn like this, so could golems (not entirely sure about golems though). Golems could have a despawning time, after wich they just vanish again, to prevent that they fill up too much.

Help and Guides / The Tale of The Ancient Knot
« on: October 26, 2012, 12:53:12 PM »
As i posted earlier, i am currently trying to get a world working despite the fact that it _is_ kind of super imbalanced in the mants favour.

However, there are quite a few things Newer players do not know yet, and older and more experienced players might point out and laugh. I will post in this thread how my settlement fared, and post the savegamefiles on GnomeWorldPool. Feel free to download it and comment.

This will be the Tale of the Ancient Knot. It probably will fail horribly  8)

I will still use all the evil tactics i can muster.

First Save, 1st of Summer.

I walled of a big portion of the map, and created an elaborate and silly maze in front of my only entrance. Most of the Maze is done so gnomes can shoot at stuff happening outside, once we can shoot.
I spent extra work on worth, got 17 gnomads. This is way more than i usually attracted. I made 2 full squads wich are sadly under equipped. It matters not. They can handle anything but mants, and if i get mants i wall myself in completely. I expect to get a merchant before the mants, and am confident i have more weapons when they arrive, but not enough to beat them. I ignore keeping foodstock low because of that reason, but will lower my food stock once i go "open" again. I expect to refuse quite a lot of gnomes, wich will die horribly outside :(

Focus for now: Getting Handaxes, Handmade.

Suggestions / Low Tech Tinkering
« on: October 26, 2012, 04:33:25 AM »
As the game progresses to get harder and harder (some tweaking might be needed), we might need some tools to fend for our gnomes in the first few seasons.

I never bothered me that gnomes are apparently too proud or stupid to use lowlevel weapons like sticks, throwing stones, slingshots, bows and even javelins.

Most of this weapons are made from wood, stone and bones are not that complicated that they need tinkering first (its a piece of wood, you bash people with - you do not have to be a rocket tinkerer to get the basics) - even bows are pretty damn basic stuff. Of course they might be obsolete as soon as you get some real weapons. All of them (apart from the throwing ones) might be usable with the current skills.

Adding throwing in might be useful as soon as we get gnomish fire (like greek fire, only made by gnomes - and as such much better (it not only burns, but also smells faintly of strawberries)).

Also, how hard could it be to make fake floors, beartraps (we already got bears), caltrops? (they might have friend-foe recognition problems - meaning they go off/affect whatever steps on them)

Suggestions / Tribute to the Mants
« on: October 24, 2012, 11:43:18 PM »
The mants want your food. Badly.

They send their troops in strenght according to your food supply, then butcher everyone in sight.

But then again, if you gave them what they crave (say - outside the main base, in unlocked boxes marked with friendly lettlers) shouldnt they just load up and go home? Its what they came for afterall.
I would (in early game) gladly bribe each mant off with 20-30 food.

Also, if alchemy is put in, you could poison the food. Just because.

First of all: this is an unofficial, by players for players. Robotronic games is not responsible for the usage, content or safety of the following

To keep this as useful for the community as possible, use the account only for Gnomoria related things, like screenshots, documentations, how-to's, guides, savegame sharing and general random awesomeness concerning gnomoria. It is entirely possible to use it next to your usual dropbox account - just add the Savedworlds folder to your collection

If anyone wants to share Savegames (because they are awesome, or because there is a problem with it) please plonk it in there. You are free to join this Dropbox for easier access (just invite yourself to it from the GnomeworldPool Account), though its not a requirement. Its super easy though.

Please give your Files a "Speaking Name", so everyone can identify it: Something like "Merry76_GnomeStuckInStockpile_20121020.Sav" or "Merry76_AwesomeTowerOfAwesomeness.sav" and refer it on the forums.

You can find your Savegames in your "my games\Gnomoria\Worlds\" Folder. The position of your "My games" folder may vary with the version of your windows system.

Ok, here goes:
Account Name:
Password: shareagnome

Works for both the email and the dropbox, not sure why anyone wants to use the email though.

It doesnt need a dropbox installation:

  • Just click on "Sign In" to enter the Account Name and Password from above.
  • Change the folder to "Saved Worlds" (we have to keep order)
  • Find the "Upload File" Icon, and select a savegame from your harddrive.

Thats it, you are done.

Of course, if you already own a dropbox account, you can link yourself in, and share it with the integrated (windows) functionality.

Suggestions / Introduction of Rot to Food
« on: October 20, 2012, 02:12:27 AM »
In a past game, i had a 6x6 Stockpile full of Crates containing Sandwiches. Sandwiches where being made at a far faster rate than they where consumed - but even if, the sandwich store could feed 40 gnomes about 40 days (depending on sandwich quality - this is a rather conservative guess using a fill of 1.4 days per sandwich), wich nets to more than 3 seasons. (not that i could have stopped the sandwich production - i'd be overrun with yaks (going to plan this in in my current world).
I had a grand total of 4877 milk just lying around on the pasture, because i do not collect it (what for - no one is going to drink it anyway). The next merchant will still buy it, i guess...

Corpses and Limbs already rot. Why not food?

My suggestion:
First shift the expected quality of foraged food (apples, strawberries, wheat) to fine/average/superior (depending on the skill of the forager maybe).
If you create something out of the foraged foods (Bread from wheat, wine from strawberries) the game takes the quality of the material, and modifies it a bit depending on the skill of the cook/brewer. A superior Strawberry may Create a Masterful or legendary Jar of Jam, a poor Strawberry may not. It would also be impossible to craft a poor jam out of it (no way to mess it up this bad).
After a certain amount of time, the quality degrades by one level. If the "poor" level has run its course, the food is spoiled/rotten (a new quality level below "poor").
Eating rotten stuff makes your gnomes a bit sick and in a foul mood (Doctor may or may not be able to cure it)
After spoilded/rotten has run its course, the food just disapears.

After that, add foods that are not that tasty (no/little happyness bonus) but last longer until they spoil -> Travel bread
Add Food that is extra tasty, but decays faster -> Fruit/Nut bread, Cake that is not a lie
Add Food that is not really filling but lasts long, and can be used to create other foods -> Marmelade, maybe cheese

Sure, winters will be harsher, but winter should probably give you more challenge anyway (currently the first one is kind of hard, but with the right planning its a piece of cake - 30 "poor strawberries" feed a gnome through a season. Water can be taken from a well, or from 18 strawberries made into wine. Strawberries can be mass produced quite early, because they drop seeds like there is no tomorrow. Can also forage for seeds)

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