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General / Happy Gnomyear everyone!
« on: December 31, 2013, 05:15:15 PM »
While its already 2 hours in where I live, I still insist of wishing you all the best for the new year.

May your stockpiles never run out of sandwiches and steel musket rounds!

General / Shameless repost of RoboB0bs Status Update from 24.12.2013
« on: December 28, 2013, 03:38:16 AM »
Because the forums where down on the 24th, RoboB0b posted this on Reddit, and then went to enjoy some well deserved Holiday break (I guess):

Gnomoria status update
Looks like Steam killed the forums, so I'm gonna post here in the meantime.

First off, wow Community Choice! I had no idea it was even being voted on. It was pretty cool to wake up and see it on Steam :)

Second on the agenda is that today would normally be a patch day, but I'm going to hold off. I had planned on updating goblin behaviors in this patch and while working on that decided to focus a bit more on non-combat options. So I put what I had been working on, on hold and ended up not being ready for a patch today. On top of that, I'll be spending some time with family over the holidays and don't expect a patch next week either.

When the update does go live, there will be some more diplomatic options. It might start off a bit basic but will be ready to easily add more. In the current live build, the game does generate friendly and enemy factions for merchants and goblins, etc but only has a few stats like name and relationship with other factions.

In the next patch, there will be more stats like distance, strength, etc. To start with, merchants will make regular trips to your kingdom based on the distance from your kingdom to theirs, instead of showing up from the 5th-7th every season. You'll also be able to send your own merchant to their kingdom for additional trading but will have to wait twice the distance (there and back again) for your new goods to arrive. There will also be some options to increase or decrease your relationship with other factions. To start with, these changes will effect friendly gnome factions but will later include goblins. Later on, there are some more things I'd like to do with external factions but I don't want to say more until I'm ready to work on them.

That's it for now. I hope everyone has a great time over the holidays <3

I found it a bit off that the official forum doesnt have this good news, so I reposted it.

Anyway, this looks great. Diplomacy could add so many levels to the game its baffling.
Improving merchants (the buy/sell screen needs some help anyway...) is a good idea too. Sending merchants is probably rather nice too (especially in winter, when I do have goblin gloves and footwear to giveaway...).

Edit: added link

General / Why twohanded Weapons still are inferior to dual wielding
« on: December 16, 2013, 09:22:17 AM »
This will sound a bit like a angry ramble, but it clearly shouldnt. Its based on my observation. TL;DR below.

I am running a Game on hard (still the same) where I heavily save scum (no one is allowed to die) to get some expirience with combat, and the new values and perks. Not the way I play usually, as save scumming kills part of the fun right there. But I wont get any (semi-) reliable data if my guys die all the time now, would I?

I have mostly hammer/axe guys (those did the mayority of the tanking, until "taunt" was no longer viable) - Those where chosen from having either good hammer or axe skills. I also have 2 guys with claymores, and one guy with dual swords - they where chosen for having good sword skills. For skills I used "taunt" until about 150 kKW for guys with metal armour, and clad everyone else in leather, giving them "sneaky". Yeah, claymores and sneaky. That was fun.

The good news: swords are rather nice now. The sword dual wielder got plenty of kills in. Hammer/axe is still going strong, they rack in the kills like usual.

The bad news: Claymores still lack behind in the kill record. A lot. Like half the kills. Warhammers and battleaxes will probably fare just as bad, if not worse (warhammers will be useless against ogres, battleaxes against armoured goblins...). This is the case even if the Claymore guys sport around 100 skill, and the hammer/axe guys range in the 70-80ies with their better skill. Quite peculiar.

I became curious on why this is, and started to read combat logs like a madman. While not as boring as before now that we got armourpiercing debuffs (lots of "becoming dazed", "having trouble breathing", "falling on the ground" and "dropping weapon" happened) it became obvious on why the twohanders arent up to par: Their attack speed (still) sucks. This may be obvious and quite balanced because they REALLY pack a punch now - but it isnt. For example, I read quite a lot of this:

HIT: Pvt. Westeld swings with her steel claymore at the mant, hitting the right compound eye and slicing through the eye
STATUS: The mant's right compound eye has been mangled and she is temporarily blinded


HIT: Pvt. Westeld swings with her steel claymore at the mant, hitting the right arm and slicing through the chitin
STATUS: The mant lost her right arm

To elaborate: Pvt. Westeld is wearing full twoheaded ogre leather, wielding a steel claymore of poor quality (yeah, my swordsmith isnt all that great), has
108 sword skill (yowza)
144 fitness
123 nimbleness
134 focus
(the other stuff doesnt seem to be of interest for attacking)

Now, this badass gnomette has the skill, equipment and stats to cleave a mant in two with every attack - there is always some damage left (the crushing effect that comes after the cutting effect isnt even used). But she does not, because the RNG thinks its a good idea to attack arms, legs and eyes first. And because she only attacks once in a blue moon, she has only:

17 Goblins
15 Mants
2 Zombies
3 Twoheaded Ogres

on her kill List.

Doesnt sound too bad? Compare Pvt. Fizzwhinkle with her:
74 Axe
74 Hammer
145 Fitness
126 Nimbleness
136 Focus

45 Goblins
7 Ogres
3 Bears
27 Mants
10 Twoheaded Ogres
1 Monitor Lizard
1 Honey Badger

Both joined the army on the same day, btw. The difference is quite appalling. And this time around its not because claymores suck, its because of slow attack speed and random aiming.

Now I know killing isnt everything, but _maybe_ the game should deceide how good an attack was, and THEN attribute a hit location. There is little sense in wildly flaying at an enemy and completely and utterly obliterate a random body part because of your SKILL when your skill should have given you a clean and deadly hit at center mass or on another viable body part.

TL;DR: RNG deceiding target body part makes slow weapons bad. Please deceide damage first and then allocate hit zone.

General / Experience with the new combat system
« on: November 15, 2013, 03:49:45 PM »
First of all: I was pleasantly surprised, and saw quite a few variations that where perfectly viable with the new combat system.

The new Taunt perk really shines: I do have 3 Axe/Shield gnomes with taunt on, wearing armour. They get all the beating spend half their time on the ground because everyone uses them as punching balls and hardly get any kills in - but everyone else is free to do damage, cripple the enemy by kicking them around, knocking the air out of them and be generally very mean. Fun fact: my ex-Monks (naked "Way of the Gnome" users) have been switched to Commander (still naked and trowing punches, bites and kicks around) have double the kills than the highlander gnome or the tanks. The highlander continues to disapoint (she got a hammer, which might be a bit less favourable).

However: Highlander still seems to be not so smart to use. Being naked and carrying only a 2h sword makes your gnome super fast in running, so they are almost the first in the fray. Naked gnomes are so squishy, you can be happy that they do not get something cut off and run to the bandage pile as their first action in combat. So instead of getting hit, then dishing out the pain tenfold they get their nose bloody, run home to momma and everyone else has to do the real fighting (which they can, after the tanks did their taunting thing).
If you are really unlucky, they use an arm or hand - no more twohanded weapons guy. This isnt that unrealistic, as any bronze+ weapon can chop off limbs in one hit (especially 2handed weapons).

So my advice: use highlander as long as you havent got any armour for them, then at least use leather (ogre or twoheaded ogre if you can) so they can get the initial hit before taunt sticks absorbed. Using leather wont slow them down in combat (I do recall armour slowed down attack speed... Not sure if I am right on it) as much as steel would, so you should get nice damage out of them. Disarm is also a really nice perk now: even when the hit does not chop off the arm, a hit from a 2 handed weapon quite often knocks the weapon out of the enemies hand, rendering them quite helpless.

Also be careful with commander. Commander might work perfectly with dual pistols, and at least leather (sans helmet, of course). I dont know how high the damage boost is, but my guess is about 10%, which really is a lot if you have a full squad.

Suggestions / New and improved Suggestion List
« on: June 30, 2013, 02:26:17 AM »
Disclaimer: Suggestions linked from here are only slightly judged by me. If the suggestion passes the forum rules, it can be linked to in here. Please do not discuss suggestions in this thread. Go to the relevant thread, discuss it there. It would get awful to read if we start to discuss suggestions here, and I really do want to keep this thread as short and easy to read as possible.

To keep great suggestions that everybody agreed upon alive and from being reposted every few weeks, I am creating this collection of links to the relevant threads. Should I have missed one particular epic thread (the collection of them will take a while too) post a reply to this thread containing a link, or even better: write me a message. I will try to add it ASAP. All Links will be posted by me in the OP.

In the spirit of discussing suggestions, other collection of suggestions would not really work, unless they adhere to one theme.

As several ideas have already been double-tripple and whatnot often been posted, I will pick out the one that looks the most productive. If your contribution has been to another one with the same topic, please add your 2 commemorative coins to the linked one as well. This should improve the discussion.

As requested, I'll add Timestamps to the Suggestions - when they where created, and when they where added to the suggestion list. With the new thing I made (yay me!) this only takes a little bit of extra work, now I did the big bulk. Enjoy - you earned it.

Edit: Yeah, I am back from a row of desperation, end-of-development-fear and tardiness. Seems like the list hit the 20'000 character limit of the forum, so stuff will be split in the future.

Edit2: Change of disclaimer. I found out that I do judge suggestions (I simply cant fit them all), so the old disclaimer wasnt entirely appropriate anymore. I try to judge as little as possible though. Cry murder all you want, but not judging would overblow it quickly to 2x20000 characters.

Suggestions / To the wall-in players: what would you like?
« on: June 21, 2013, 11:23:15 AM »
Wow, another wall-in thread? Good going Merry76, arent you the guy who dislikes spreading one topic over 20 different threads?

Yes. I am. And its pretty damn right that I dislike spreading threads around. But there are so many threads about this topic floating around, and most have a serious problem:

What I figured out is that most threads about walling are started by people who are not walling in (like me), and are basically bashing people who do because "they are not doing it right", and various more or less clever ideas how they should be punished for doing so.

Things we heard/posted about "punish the wall in guys":
  • Gnomes get a new need to communicate (gnomunicate) with other gnomish kingdoms (where they might have relatives) so a postage gnome would be needed - and that needs a viable (open) route to the kingdom to work.
  • Goblins breaking walls down (may or may not include digger goblins)
  • Goblins/Mants (maybe special ones) climbing up walls and simply ignoring walls in the process (might be cancelled out by a moat)
  • Goblins teleporting into the fortress (may or may not be interrupted)
  • Ogres throwing goblins over the wall, hilarity ensues
  • Gnomes get super depressed/scared when they cant see a way out, but know enemies are near (Gnomoria meets Moria... "we cannot get out.. we cannot get out...")
  • Enemies/merchants/gnomads leave right away if there is no "clear path" to the gnome kingdom (can be easily fixed with a one way door, will break AI super quick)
  • Enemies/merchants/gnomads spawn more randomly, so you cant set your clock for merchants and gnomads (might lead to massive deaths even in "open kingdoms" - RNG will kill your gnomads)
  • Diplomacy that requires you to let ambassadors from friends and foes alike in - refusing them access will sour relations (this is actually a new one I just came up with)
  • ... more stuff I kind of forgot about

While this might be fun for a while (afterall, this is still the internet - and screaming at people over the internet is a fun yet unproductive way to loose real life aggressions), it accomplishes nothing.

So, I thought we should try it the other way aound, without rephrasing the the suggestion "how should we punish walled in players the most efficient way".

What would you walled in guys like in the game that actually makes walling in more rewarding for you?

It might be the case that nothing needs to be done (and this is indeed the easiest solution for RoboB0b to implement - just ad an "opt out" option on every feature that makes the game more unforgiving) about it, and you are perfectly fine with how the game currently plays walled in. I am no expert on the matter, tbh. If you think there is a feature that would stop you from walling in because you would really love it, and it would be worth the hassle of opening up your stronghold - add it please. There is always room for awesome features that cause people to play differently just by being awesome (Science, if anyone makes a super-fun wall in suggestion that gets implemented, I might give it a go myself).
Please consider the limitations though - AI is hard to code, and we only got one RoboB0b. Also, please dont repeat the error of the "wall in haters" (myself (in the past - i hope) included) - consider if something what would make the game more fun to you would add to a non-wall-in guy. Afterall, we are all gnoministrators and just want to play the game in some way or other.

General / So, I heard XNA is dying...
« on: May 26, 2013, 11:49:41 AM »
I heard it back in march (which is astonishing quick, giving the fact that I dont really work in (game) programming), but somehow didnt connect the dots to my favourite little game.

Then I somehow stumbled over this article: It's official: XNA is dead

Uhm... So... What does this mean for gnomoria?

I guess it makes little sense for Robotronic Games to switch to a new framework because microsoft doesnt want to enhance this one. But I cant help but wonder if this would do an impact, as gnomoria wont be finished in a years time (I guess).

I hope this doesnt force RoboB0b's hand, and he has to relearn a new platform in the near future. Maybe do gnomoria 2 on a related (C# based), but not-discontinued platform?

First of all, its kind of my own fault. I love Claymores, as they are stylish weapons of proud warriors (or barbarians... but thats basically the same).

So I rolled a new world, and named it "Land of Claymores" - Yeah, thats how creative I am.
The idea/strategy behind it to just use swords, preferrably Claymores to defeat all enemies - with a little helping of blunderbusses, whenever they become available.

I soon found out that the training speed outright sucks with Claymores, as exp seems to be gained "by hit" or something: The "Scrapper" Uniform (basically a "any Armour" Uniform with 2 swords instead of a big one) outpaced the Claymores in training quite quickly.

I then found out that the gnomes where hamsters when it comes to weapons. They took up copper claymores, despite everyone having a bronze one already, and used the copper one for combat - the other vanishing in the "victorias secret compartment" they seem to have since a few patches back. Giving them "none" for a second and releasing their squad from their post was an easy fix, but had to be done regularly. Annoying.

And then the final verdict: They cant hold a candle to the hammer/axe combo i usually go for (because its imbalacedly strong, and we cant really proove something is bad unless tried out. So I went and tried this). I expected them to simply TEAR through ogres, as they had more or less "the optimum" weapon (heavy hitting weapon that is capable of dealing the optimal damage) against ogres at hand. Guess what? Ogres are the new honey badgers. They just dont care. Not only that, they frequently got their breastplates destroyed against equal equipped enemies while being in a numerical advantage (meaning the combat dragged on for far too long). They managed to cut off unprotected legs and arms of goblins, and FAILED to kill said goblins, hammering uselessly on helmets and breastplates - the goblin dies of bleeding.

And then, one day in winter (first year), this happens: 1 twoheaded ogre, 1 Goblin with iron helm and breastplates, 2 fully iron clad goblins and a full steel goblin attacks, while 8 gnomes are on duty. My gnomes have mostly iron claymores, so this should at least put a dent in the enemies (the steel one is tough, alright).
I ran the fight several times (to eliminate RNG). I loose every time, only killing the half protected goblin. The others go without scratches. To add insult to injury, the killed goblin dies within the first minutes of the fight, then its 8 vs 4, and we cant scratch them, despite being adequatly armoured (the breastplates break first - most are made of iron), better trained (all sword skills in the 40-50 range) and in a vast numerical advantage.

Now, I know this things happen, and I kind of expected it (going all out on a weapon type I have long since suspected to not be of much use, despite being pretty (cool)). But isnt that a wonderful proof that claymores need a bit of a buff? (I would bring the "penetrating armour" mechanic up again, but then that hardly does help here). I am pretty sure if I geared myself with hammer/axe combo, those goblins would have been mincemeat.

I could repeat the experiment with warhammers and waraxes - but tbh. I want to save myself the trouble, and ask here if anyone has tried already.

To prove that I havent done anything horribly wrong, here is the save before everyone will die: LandOfClaymores_WeLoveLoosing.sav

Now to the little analysis bit: (We take this into consideration:
I rarely broke armour (post copper). It seems armour is only "balanced" when its tested against hammers, and against everything else it is too good.
I read somewhere that 2handead weapons do double the damage that one handed weapons do. However, it feels like they do only half the attacks which negates the higher damage, and puts it actually LOWER than dual wielding.
If the damage resistance gets deducted before substracting the dealt damage from the "sustains" value, 2 handed weapons SHOULD be better than 1 handed ones. By far.
If the wiki is right, piercing damage should be better to damage armour. This would mean that Battle Axes are even worse to fight armoured enemies (as the piercing bit gives claymores a greater damage potential against armour).
Now if a normal iron armour can sustain 16000 Slashing and 6200 Piercing, and receiving 15000 slashing - how much piercing would it still be able to sustain? If its 6200 (meaning both sustaining pools are separated) this would explain a lot. If its 387.5 (1/16 of 6200) it would be at least fair, and not horribly, utterly broken.

The damage values that are on the wiki tell a brutal tale however: If a slashing weapon needs to deal 5x the damage a hammer does, and the "block" value does what I think it does (deduct from the damage before the sustain value is substracted) then slashing (and to some extend) piercing weapons do not come close to hammers. Hammers have a 6-10 times lower blocking value? Not only do they need to deal with less sustain values, they also have less block value?

Ok, I am done. Reading through it again, i am aware it sounds like whiney - however, I couldnt care less. I can deal with loosing. I partially did it to loose, since I already know a strategy that works (frenzy hammer/axe, the best defense squad perk), and wanted to check/prove if there is anything else that would work. Because it didnt, and it didnt in a spectacular visible way, i wrote this text wall.

So, thoughts, anyone?

Moving the stuff over from the Patch notes thread. The idea is to inspire RoboB0b (not that he needs to, but feedback and fresh ideas are always nice) when it comes to the fixing/tweaking or coding new perks for the military.

Ill start right away:

I for one am not terribly fond of the "on the move" formation perk, as it works kind of illogical.. It would be better off giving a flat runspeed increase regardless of the amount of soldiers in a squad - because gnomes do not move as a cohesive unit, having them move faster when they are on their own is a bit silly - they do that all the time, even when in a full squad. With the new changes to civilian management, this would mean that civilians would be slower than military guys with this perk - not a smart solution (and the reason it was abused in the past). So the speed bonus could apply to civilians automatically. Or it could be deleted for all i care, i never used it anyway  ::)

The highlander perk is another one. Being naked equals being dead (the way of the gnome perk suffers from this too, but this is at least useful early on, and gives a dodge bonus). If the perk is inspired by the highlander film, it may at least take leather armour along. And give it some bonus to decapitate, because that is awesome.

There should also be a perk that makes shield users a bit more offensive - "way of the yak" shield attacks do more damage and knock enemies back (or down) more often. Could also be renamed to "Knock them back, drive them out". Sound good? Because it is!  ;D

And what about a "versatile" perk, that works if you have a pistol and a melee weapon equipped at the same time? It could half the pistol attack speed (you would be melee with the melee weapon a lot, reloading isnt your top priority), but make it really hard for the enemy to fight you (rising your hit chance, or drastically lower his)- afterall, you are pointing a pistol at him half the time, that tends to distract a fighter. Or it could just double the pistols damage when it finally is fired.

We kind of need more formation perks though.
Currently we have the tendency to specialize the entire formation, as either "Shield wall" (benefits soldiers with shields) or "The best Defense" (benefits Melee users) for all melee, or "firing squad" for an all ranged are the best thing. I would suggest a "Mixed tactics" formation perk, that increases the ranged damage for each melee soldier in the squad, and increases the melee damage of every ranged soldier in the squad. Of course, that shouldnt be as big of a bonus as the "melee only" or "ranged only" perks give, or those would be obsolete (however, this is innate with the system, as the example below demonstrates)
Another take on this would be to give a Melee bonus for every ranged using soldier in the squad and calling it "Mixed tactics" while creating a second formation perk that is called "Keep your calm" that does the opposite (increasing ranged for every melee fighter in the squad). Of course, if we split it up like this, the bonus should be at least on par with the specialized perks, if not better: The best defense gives 2% melee bonus for each melee unit, i read somewhere, so giving each melee soldier a 5% bonus for each ranged unit in the squad is hardly a game breaker: if you have a 3-2 mix, you would get 3 melees with a 10% increased damage (30% more damage per squad), when a full "The best defense" group of 5 gets 5x10%, resulting in 50% more damage. This of course does not make the perks equal, but it gives us more options without gimping ourselves completely.

The (newest) Multiplayer thread got me thinking about how cool it would be if we did this. Maybe I am thinking a bit too much into it, but I think it might be really fun.

The idea:

We deceide on a setup (seed, difficulty, slider settings etc.)
We take turns that stay the same for as long as we survive
First player generates the map
Every Player takes 3 in-game days, writes a "This is what I did" (doesnt have to be very elaborate - if nothing happened, nothing happend) in a thread in the show and tell forum (keep it in the same thread)
After his period is over, the player names the save accordingly and uploads the save to the internet (dropbox?)
The next player takes the save, plays 3 ingame days...
If a player cant play (holidays happen), he forfaits his term by stating so on the thread, or after he didnt react/reupload the save after 3 days.

So, who is in?

I think we should take easy difficulty setting (sharing a game file makes the game harder by default, as we might not "work as one"), a fairly normal topography (flat is boring), abundant minerals (maybe even shallow minerals) and "enemies get stronger over time" (to make it a bit challenging...) on a normal sized map (large might not be good for everyones machine... Also bigger savegame files)

Optimal would be 3-5 players, I guess.

If we do very well, it can be used as a 3-days cascading "through" the ages. If we do bad, it can be used to poke fun at us  :D

Suggestions / Mad Merry76's Suggestion Collection Thread
« on: March 29, 2013, 02:43:58 AM »
    Disclaimer: Suggestions linked from here are not judged by me. If the suggestion passes the forum rules, it can be linked to in here. Please do not discuss suggestions in this thread. Go to the relevant thread, discuss it there. It would get awful to read if we start to discuss suggestions here, and I really do want to keep this thread as short and easy to read as possible.

    To keep great suggestions that everybody agreed upon alive and from being reposted every few weeks, I am creating this collection of links to the relevant threads. Should I have missed one particular epic thread (the collection of them will take a while too) post a reply to this thread containing a link, or even better: write me a message. I will try to add it ASAP. All Links will be posted by me in the OP.

    In the spirit of discussing suggestions, other collection of suggestions would not really work, unless they adhere to one theme.

    As several ideas have already been double-tripple and whatnot often been posted, I will pick out the one that looks the most productive. If your contribution has been to another one with the same topic, please add your 2 commemorative coins to the linked one as well. This should improve the discussion.

    Building features and beautification

    Military Suggestions

    Crafting Suggestions

    Overal game changing Suggestions

    Suggestions / Make the Demo last 2-4 seasons, not 6 days
    « on: February 21, 2013, 01:24:51 AM »
    Title says it all. Its kind of hard to recomend a game to your friends, telling them that there is a demo - but admitting that you have to be good at the game to see anything at all.

    6 Days is very short - you wont even get wiped out by goblins... I think a Demo that would at least get the idea of how the game actually plays would be more useful (and prevent people from pirating the game "to really try it out")

    (i bought the game after playing 2 ingame days, but I consider myself very special in that regard - I buy a lot of games and never play them).

    Posted this in the "New patch 8.25" Thread, thought of reposting it in Help and guides - because I can, and it fits better:

    Two easy solutions for those guys who complain that the game just got too complex, and that they get deaths before they can get the damn bone needle.

    Build more than one crude workshop - at least 2.
    Cue crafting in one to the chisel, craft to 1 (or, as i would recommend: craft to 2)
    Cue another to craft to 6 (recommend: 10) planks, Craft one chair to 1, one Workbench to 1 (Can craft these in a different workshop, if you like)
    Use a nearby stockpile to unload the planks, as the workshop overcrowding makes me hurt physically now that the crafting times have been upped.
    Now, this is crucial: do not overmine, as mining will block the chisel production (you do not need that many, but still... there are quite a lot of stony things to be made, wich do not get made as long as you give your gnomes mouse assigned jobs like mining). Do use groves for felling trees. Give horticulture to the ranger, as he gets bored without something to do in the first season.  Take horticulture from the farmers, give it to the woodcutters (should the farmers be bored, give it back until they start to neglect farming work)

    You now have everything you need to construct "proper" workshops.
    Make a Stone industry, craft the sawlade (you only need one). Consider a stone carver (for trinkets) -> Stone carver can wait until day 5, if you are behind the schedule.
    Now you can do the sawmill and the carpenter.
    Switch from crude workshops to the proper ones, moving all the "craft to" jobs there. Craft 3 tables (why the merchant needs 3, I wont really get), use the sticks to with "craft to" again
    Create a Market stall. It should be easily possible before day 4 (i had one at the evening of day 3, and i dug a underground entrance for later AT THE SAME TIME (at -20, with a tunnel lenght of 50 ish. Both way down with neat little spiral staircases...) -> must be done before day 5, or the merchant wont come.
    Buy all the female yaks you get with trinkets (from the stone carver, to save precious wood), and one "unwanted" animal (male yak, for example). -> do this before noon on day 7 (Merchant will walk away in the evening).
    Build a butchery, butcher the unwanted animal.
    You now got bone - a lot of it.
    Create a bonecarver, get the needle.

    Always, always use "craft to:" for the intermediate products where you need more than one (unlike sawblades, Bone Needles etc.). This takes away A LOT of the micromanagement. If we get more performance from metal components later on, Autocraft will do us no good, so we need the new features - crude as they may be at the moment. The player needs the ability to deceide just exactly when he wants his precious metal to be converted into tools, and when he wants to use it for weapons and armour. This is the base of a management game.

    Suggestions / Idle Job - (dancing, chatting)
    « on: January 11, 2013, 01:10:51 AM »
    Gnomes Idling cause lag currently, because (i think) they check quite often if there are new job oppurtunities for them (I'd think every time the update method is called).

    Could you give them an "idle" job automatically, so once they reach the great hall to idle, they stay idle (without checking) for a few gnominutes without checking for new jobs all the time?

    Make the "idle job" last for a few gnominutes. After it is done, check for jobs - if still nothing is to be done, create/fulfill a new idle job. In later stages, gnomes could seek eachother out and have a "gossip" thought bubble (meaning they are chatting with other gnomes - this could build relationships (even later on still)) or moving around in certain pattern (meaning they are dancing).

    General / Wow... Goblin rush
    « on: December 22, 2012, 07:02:56 AM »
    I finally made it post my first spring on my "all bumpy/Tall/narrow, all sliders to the right, abundant shallow minerals" Map

    because of all the preparing, i just got 10 gnomads, wich is not all that much.

    I got 9 Goblins in the first wave, and lost 3 gnomes in the fight that resulted, 4 more risk bleeding out because 32 bandages where aparently not enough...

    That was awesome!

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