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Addons / Textures / Re: Gnomoria Save Game Editor II
« on: May 26, 2016, 08:02:03 PM »
When I run it, nothing happens.  Considering reports of AV packages flagging both this and Chatmetaleux's other fork, I'm starting to become paranoid that I've just installed a trojan.

Did you make sure to run it from inside the Gnomoria directory? I have not used this in a while so I cant say for certain that nothing has happened to the link.

Addons / Textures / Re: Gnomoria Save Game Editor II
« on: May 18, 2016, 07:40:35 PM »
the remove water does not seem to work any more

A better form of that option is now a part of the debug command menu. It can remove any liquid where you want it to be removed ingame.

Help and Guides / Re: Trying to understand cause of latency
« on: May 14, 2016, 01:41:32 PM »
Beetles can spawn randomly even in places that have no path to the gnomes that spawned them. (Underground enemies spawn in a short range of distance from gnomes with some extra rules)

I do believe that a save game editor will be able to show you if beetles are set to spawn but I have not used any since the 1.0 patch.

I would maybe suggest making sure all loose items are hauled (you can ignore hauling seeds as long as you sell the excess before it gets too high) and see if that helps.

Help and Guides / Re: Trying to understand cause of latency
« on: May 12, 2016, 03:48:22 PM »
I went and took a quick little poke around the kingdom, I have a few questions and I may have missed stuff.

Did you have beetles enabled at the start of the game? Based on your mining pattern you could easily have a beetle hive hiding somewhere.

Does the lag start to occur when the gnomes are going underground? If so the lag could just be the number of gnomes making complex paths to get around. (I would suggest trying to make the under ground paths more streamlined)

Other than those two I don't see what would be causing the frame-rate issues as they are not always present.

Bonus tip: Here is a pic showing a decent mining layout for finding ores and keeping the paths lit. (the blocks can be mined out without any dark spaces)

General / Re: A quick Moderator update
« on: May 11, 2016, 12:08:58 PM »
Congratulations on the new child, best of wishes for you in the coming years!

Help and Guides / Re: Help with crossbow gnomes
« on: May 08, 2016, 10:46:07 PM »
Skill will affect accuracy from what I have seen, I think damage also based on skill but the material of the ammo and bow will matter a lot against tougher targets(steel and ogre) aswell.
I have not looked into the actual formulas in a long time.

Help and Guides / Re: Help with crossbow gnomes
« on: May 08, 2016, 08:22:01 PM »
yeah i tried, but it wasnt too effective. and i dont know if its bosible for the bolt to hit the eye, pierce the skull and hit the brain, that would be cool.
about the supressive fire perk, i was using fire at will but i think you are right, supressive fire seems better since my melee guys are doing all the job.

Yeah ranged gnomes can one shot kill if they hit the eye. I am pretty sure it will skip the helmet if there is one, but it wont always hit the brain. 

Help and Guides / Re: Help with crossbow gnomes
« on: May 08, 2016, 05:39:34 PM »
Have you tried using the single perk aim for the eyes? If your gnomes have high crossbow skill I find they are good about killing with this.
I also use the squad perk suppressive fire to help the other squads out.

Help and Guides / Re: Taking mechanics requests.
« on: May 03, 2016, 02:48:14 PM »
The most simple way to keep gnomes from rushing to reset traps is to only have the dedicated military with mechanics. If they are set to train they won't go to reset them until you remove them from the training grounds.
If you want to use mechanics you can keep any of your gnomes from running at the traps but still have a more open gate.

Traps will attack the one enemy that triggered them and wont attack again until reset.
They can still be really useful since goblin forces will try to escort goblin raiders, but since the raiders are faster they will be the first ones hit by the traps which might slow them down (as well as the ones following them) or kill them outright.
If all the goblin raiders are dead and the soldiers/ogres don't see any thing to fight they will leave.
You can also not let the gnomes have a path to the outside where the traps are, but have treasures stored behind hallways of traps to bait the raiders.

If your goal is to just kill all of the invaders a more complex trap will perform better. In general I don't make much use of traps but they do have uses until goblins start raiding in large numbers.

If you want help building any of the mechanics (gates, complex traps, and even simple trap designs)I will gladly offer it.

Help and Guides / Re: How do you prefer to organize your professions?
« on: April 30, 2016, 02:56:28 AM »
Welcome to the forums!  :)
There are a lot of different ways you can set up your kingdom and it all really depends on your style. However IMO specialists are better than generalist in a normal game.

The first three professions I make are utility. (all gnomes should be medics and caretakers)
One job that has all jobs allowed so I can set a gnome to this temporarily to see all the skills he has quickly instead of looking at his page and backing out.
The second one is a basic "Monk" job with mechanic, agriculture/farming, and building/hauling. I like it being near the top of the list since many of my gnomes get put as monks until I decide where to put them. A few seasons of working with plants and training will give a strong boost to the speed they move at and dodge chance to help stay safe.
The third is a Hauler profession whith only mechanic and haul/build, but I put the priority for building below hauling. (A big/busy kingdom will need a few haulers)

Early game I use something like this. (early game all gnomes haul and build at low priority and when I use pasture I mean animal husbandry)
Miner(all-stone skills, smelting, blacksmithing)
Carpenter(all wood skills, horticulture, farm at low priority)
Farmer(farm/pasture/horticulture, cooking/brewing, weaving at low skill)
Carver(butcher, leather worker bonecarving, tailoring, pasture, farming at low priority)

I set the pairs that work stone to the stone job, same for the wood guys and the two farmers, I set the rancher to the Carver job, the two builders get turned into monks.
This gives me a pretty stable work force as long as I dont rush the farm/grove sizes too early, and should allow all the workshops to be built as needed.
Once the kingdom is stable and has a foundation to grow from I decide what direction I want to take the kingdom.

I am not going to claim this is the best strategy but it works for developing a strong economy.
Usually I use something like this for non hard-mode kingdoms I want to grow large and wealthy.
I am a big fan of using specialists, so once you are stable and have more gnomads I would make a few specialist gnomes out of your most skilled workers. (skills listed in order of priority, hauling as desired)
1-2 Carpenters : Carpentry, wood-carving, woodcutting, horticulture, tinker,
1-2 Masons : Masonry, stone-carving, prospecting*, pottery, mining(only early), tinker,
1 Brewer: Brewing, cooking, farming, horticulture, pasture, weave, (I favor brewing priority since gnomes can eat raw fruit but not drink it, wells can be used to delay setting one)
1 Cook* : Same as above ^ just swap brewing and cooking.
1 Tailor : Tailoring, weaving, pasture, farming, horticulture, tinker,
1 Leather-Worker* : Leatherworking, butcher, tailoring, weaving, bonecarving*, pasture, tinker,
1 Smith : Armor crafting, weapon crafting, blacksmithing, engineering, machining, metal working*, smelting, tinker
1 Carver* : Butcher, bonecarving, gem cutting, jewelry making, metal working*, prospecting*, pottery*, tinker

* Denote that the job or work can be merged or done by other specialists/jobs based on your preference or layout.

I then support these specialists with various groups of support workers and haulers often mixed into my military. (I might not use these all in the same world, depends on the kingdom)
Farmers : Farming, horticulture, pasture, hauling, cooking, weaving, building,
Monks: Mechanic, horticulture, farming, hualing, building
Grover(off duty axe warriors) : Mechanic, woodcutting, horticulture, building, hauling
Miner (off duty hammer warriors) : Mechanic, mining, building, smelting, hauling
Weavers : Weaving, pasture, farming, horticulture, hauling
Forger : Mechanic, smelting, machining, hauling, building, engineering

Sorry for the wall of text, last tips look into setting up multiple workshops with different priorities and sets of craft to orders to stream line production chains along side push/pull settings for efficiency. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Support / Re: Pumping lava makes the game unplayable on 1.0
« on: April 25, 2016, 12:20:35 PM »

The loose items removed was much of the raw stone that had not been stockpile and the section of your Farms/Groves that had silly amounts of seeds/fruit/logs/grain per square. (Nothing else was touched)
After the removal of these items you went from 9000 food to 3000, the majority of the items removed were seeds/grain. There should not be any impact on kingdom losing those items.
(If you want to try to save those items you can use the debug command while the game is still paused after loading to remove the lava, but I still think other lag sources will plague you)

Just a note on performance, Gnomoria will only ever use one core of the processor at a time, if you have more than one core and a decent amount of ram no matter how laggy or slow Gnomoria is performing it should have no impact on the performance of the rest of the machine.

Golems will have still have a impact on lag after their creation when they are just pathing aimlessly, it is un-noticeable until they are roaming in large numbers. (I have played with a lot of golems)

Beetles could be the cause of this still, you might want to go poking around in the caves to see if you got a horde spawned up. (Deadly to performance but I think your gnomes can handle them)

Now are you saying this save functions well or the save prior to lava?
If this new save works for you the only major thing I deleted was a bunch of fruit/seeds/grain.
Future tip: In your Documents/MyGames/Gnomoria there is a settings.ini file, near the bottom of the first section is the setting "Debug = False" you can change that to "True" to get the debug options on the right click menu. (You might have better luck fixing your own world since you know it better)

Support / Re: Pumping lava makes the game unplayable on 1.0
« on: April 23, 2016, 03:33:09 PM »
When posting dropbox links ALWAYS change the dl=0 to dl=1.  This changes it from pageload registration spam to an actual download link that just gets you the file
Wow thank you, I don't post links from dropbox all that often but I will keep that in mind. (fixed now)

Support / Re: Pumping lava makes the game unplayable on 1.0
« on: April 21, 2016, 05:08:06 PM »
This is the result of my attempts, time actually progresses when run on my machine even if a bit laggy/jumpy. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7hfeqt2r6f5rlsf/GnomoriaSaveGameWithBuggedLava.sav?dl=1

This is still a laggy mess, but I am confident that the remaining lag is not the result of lava. It is either just from a messy kingdom, or you have a lot of enemies hiding in the depths waiting. (Lag from the lava did make it practically impossible to run)

In the future I would recommend only producing or mining as much as you have the gnome power to clean up.
(I know its hard to give up a world, but learning and dying is half the fun)

Support / Re: Pumping lava makes the game unplayable on 1.0
« on: April 21, 2016, 04:36:43 PM »
Nope. I spent dozens of hours making the obsidian farm and the save game editor doesn't run on my PC so I cannot add obsidian. There isn't much there to do, so if I don't get obsidian, I don't have much of a reason to play, especially after I put so much effort into getting it. :(

Edit: Besides, removing liquids would remove the water too. And liquids still evaporate when 1% above a 100% liquid (even through the bug thingy says it was fixed)
Well ... at least pumping lava no longer crashes the game. Now it only makes the game unplayable and pretty much corrupts the savegame.  :'(

First you misunderstood what Tacyn was telling you. There is a settings.ini file that can turn on debug options. The remove liquid command is like how you place a wall, only it deletes any liquid in said square.

I cleared out the lava and have it running at a pretty bad pace, but if it clears up I will re save and send the world back to you. (Just don't get your hopes up, this world may still be doomed)

Just going to be bluntly honest here, that kingdom would have reached a lag death without playing with lava with how messy it is. In general the more kingdoms you play the better you will get about cleaning up, hauling, not over producing, and other anti-lag practices. (I cleaned up a large amount of loose items)

I have absolutely no idea how many golems you have running about, but they no doubt are adding to the lag. I am actually starting to think that this lag death was not caused by lava. Do you remember if beetles were unchecked when you started?

Now onto the lava, the location you started pulling lava from was actually pretty bad, since all the lava in the lake around it will be constantly rushing in to fill what was taken, until the entire lake starts moving to fill the gap. (Much of the lag produced was produced by this, instead I would recommend digging a hole into the bottom of the map surrounded by stone and pumping from that)

The second issue came from that L bend at the bottom of the pipe, lava has a pretty low flow rate, so its easy to end up with far more pressure than is needed before it will start climbing the tube. The space it had to travel and fill horizontally before flowing vertically built up a large amount of pressure that would be constantly calculating as the lava climbed.
(In the future try to keep lava tubes as narrow and straight as possible)

I know you don't have much experience with creating obsidian, but that setup you had would have been extremely inefficient for producing any decent amount.
Don't pump lava into your water source, instead try to pump small amounts of both water and lava from holding tanks into a "meeting area", this will let you produce more obsidian and mine it safer.

General / Re: Question about using Materials for Armor
« on: April 21, 2016, 04:10:25 PM »
The type of leather strap should not affect anything other crafted item value.

As for the shield it used to not matter what the second material was made of, as long as the end product said Steel it had the values of steel.
I am unsure if this has changed in the past few months. (If I find out later I will update here, or someone may correct me)

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