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General / Re: Gnomoria getting reworked
« on: May 31, 2017, 09:43:57 PM »
Thanks for the link.

I am just a little bit excited about this, even after all the years I have played.

Support / Re: Save game of induced Stuck Hauler bug
« on: October 08, 2016, 09:49:57 AM »
Sorry for necro-ing this thread, but better this than opening a new one with the same info. Not that there is any real hope robobob will do anything to fix this.

I have seen the same bug in every fortress I played in the last year or two...

Only today I noticed why this happens: If there is an empty wheelbarrow on a stockpile, the gnomes confuse it with a crate. After this the wheelbarrow is no longer empty, but the next gnome thinks it would be a good idea to use it for carrying around ... whatever. Then the gnome comes to some item, with a wheelbarrow already full with stuff, and does no longer know what to do. Result: stuck gnome, which can be unstuck manually by disabling hauling labor for the gnome, but you have to see it first. Besides it being a pain in the a...

General / Re: will there be any more update for the game?!?
« on: June 02, 2016, 10:58:16 PM »
Noone is expecting "massive content patches". Still it would be nice if there were some bugfixes; and right now it feels as if even that is not going to happen.

General / Re: Gnomes get stuck inside a Wind Mill and die
« on: April 18, 2016, 02:09:13 PM »
I noticed it too ... just watch them building the windmills, and if one gets stuck dismantle the windmill before starvation. Best recommendation I can give you.

General / Re: Stupid question
« on: April 13, 2016, 01:45:39 PM »
What you are trying to do is seems to be quite complicated - more so than necessary IMO. Also my experiments showed that using pumps and flowing water causes evaporation losses. Waterfalls even more so.

If a simple moat is all you want to do, then just dig 1x1 holes on half the moat squares. (I tried once with bigger holes: 2*1 seems to work nearly as well, 3*1 takes longer to fill, 4*1 very long and 5*1 does not fill. Data from 0.9.16 or so) After two holes next to each other have filled to 10 or 20 percent, dig out the middle.

As for mechanical walls, thy hold water just as well as any wall - as long as they are up. They go down -> water rushes out the new gap. I had some ideas for traps using this, but pumps seem to empty even big lakes quite fast.

Hope that helps, even if it is not exactly an answer to your original question.

Addons / Textures / Please help- Ogres need weapons
« on: March 30, 2016, 02:31:09 AM »

I try to do a little Gnomoria mod. Part of it are Ogre barbarians which should spawn with higher level mobs than usual, and carry a weapon with them.

So I added the barbarians to faction.xml.

Problem is: The barbarian spawns as expected, but immediatly drops the weapon and runs barhanded into combat. Where do I need to tell the ogre that it is OK to use a weapon?

Any help with this would be appreciated.

General / Re: Minor Bugs in 1.0
« on: March 25, 2016, 12:51:55 AM »
  • Game crashes sometimes during merchant transaction - exactly when clicking the "buy" button
  • if rain falls on exposed earth, grass will never grow. Neither while earth is wet, nor after drying. Only once dirt is replaced, grass can grow
  • Often hauler-gnomes are stuck: For some reason cart (bucket, sack) is not empty, one of the haul objects cannot be placed inside, they will wait endlessly until thirsty/hungry/tired, then they drop cart and empty it in the process
I have had a huge number of hours fun with gnomoria - but I expected 1.0 to be a bit more bug-free.

  • pointless rearranging of stuff on stockpiles
  • When loading a fortress, some random "ghost-tasks" appear. These may block real tasks, as they cannot be removed and no gnome will ever do the task. The tasks are marked green.

General / Re: Insults
« on: July 17, 2015, 11:19:54 PM »
Ah yes, this is really what it get's you... so many goblins that the game grinds to a standstill. ;-) All of them caught in a trap, waiting to be shot (or until dying of thirst.) So much iron/steel stuff that you cannot smelt it up til the next invasion. So much stuff that you start selling unsmelted worn stuff just to get rid of it.

Other Games / Re: Xenonauts!
« on: May 26, 2015, 12:32:24 AM »
Interesting discussion, covering the best part of a year ;-)  :P

Quote from: SilverWarrior
I don't know which version of the game did you play but in later versions there were some changes being made.
So now while the maps are still predesigned (no random map generator) the aliens are randomly distributed around the map and could even wait you just around the corner.

Some of the beta versions, and one version after the game was declared "released". Except for the level of buggyness (beta was horrible, but release was stable) my description could cover any version I played. And no, I have no intention to go back again and do the chore again.

Note the way I wrote "chore". Note my previous post, where I told about the UFOs (the enemies) in the original did "missions", which feels much more dynamic. In Xenonauts, you get what amounts to levels: At a certain stage you get a certain kind of UFO. (or maybe two sizes, plus fighters). Together with their limitid set of maps. After X such missions, the next bigger UFO appears. his feels like you have to do X levels before advancing. More or less randomly chosen levels, but still levels (and from a small set, too).

Xenonauts just gives me all the wrong vibes. Around any corner the game breaks the immersion for me. The levels are just one example.

Support / Room unavailable, gnome not using dormitory
« on: June 07, 2014, 01:57:21 PM »
Gnomoria V0.9.12.1

I accidentally build a room which had the bed walled off by a statue. The gnome assigned to the room did not choose to use any of the dormitories, but instead slept on the cold hard floor (usually in the rain outside). The message "Kleo is sleeping on the floor" (or so) is not really helpful...

The preferred fix would be to give better feedback, like "Kleo cannot reach his own bed". In addition, having the gnome in question use the dormitory would still be better than sleeping in the rain.

Other Games / Re: Xenonauts!
« on: June 07, 2014, 01:49:12 PM »
I have the game.

I hate it.

While most of the game is a copy of good old UFO from 1994, the tactical maps are no longer random. Which may just seem like a little issue, but it ruins everything: In any mission the player is guessing what the level designer did, no longer looking for aliens which can be anywhere. And the aliens really are where you'd expect them.

Then there is the point that the number of maps is limited, any you can expect to run across the same maps a few times. When you just know what to expect from where.

Anyway, the maps give a "level" feeling: Built for the tactical challenge (such as it is), but the "people are living there" vibe is completely lacking.

Linked to this there is the difference between progression and mission: In UFO 1994 it feels like the UFOs are doing missions: In a given area, first some scouts are active, and then the heavies follow. In Xenonauts the small scouts are no longer sent once the big ships arrive. Which follows the logic of game progression, but kills any kind of immersion.

Oh, and of course the squad size has been reduced as well. I really loved to send full 26 guys into a battle, even if this was way more than necessary. But having too many guys would ruin the handcrafted maps of Xenonauts, or whatever.

With UFO 1994 I invaded Cydonia several times. In Xenonauts I the weaknesses offended me so much I could not keep playing past mid-game.

Do not buy it. Sadly, it is no more than a pale shadow of what might be - or what was reality in 1994.

Off Topic / Re: Whelp Towns is dead...
« on: May 19, 2014, 11:01:12 PM »
Ah well, Towns... brings back some memories... ;-) Lots of fun with the early builds, approximately 0.37 to 0.47. Then they switched to full 3D, and ever since the game was no longer fun. Tried some versions, but could not stand them.

And now Moebius stops working on Towns, which is understandable. Less so that he expects anyone to buy a successor Towns 2, announced in the same post. This is just another example how the the developers managed to sink their product by communication gone wrong. (Somehow they were a lot better in the early days before steam...)

Help and Guides / Re: New mant mechanics?
« on: May 14, 2014, 03:32:40 AM »
I have not yet tried the last update, but this seems horrible. Having more than 100+100 food and drink is quite easy, with foraging an area for clearing, chopping down lots of trees for building etc. Very unbalanced, as no way the player is able to defend that early against mants.

Help and Guides / Re: Merchant KW Levels
« on: April 22, 2014, 11:19:44 PM »
@Vineheart01: The number of merchants changed in 0.9.9 (compared to 0.9.8)

I have now got my third merchant, at about 160KW.

Regarding the food supply: How can you NOT be swamped with lots and lots of food? A few fields, enough mixed trees for my coal production (and woodworkers), and I SELL the excess.

Support / Military pathfinding
« on: April 21, 2014, 11:59:31 PM »
Something I see all the time: A military gnome picks up new equipment or leaves the training center for any other reason, and instead of going back, he runs away further (i.e. exactly in the opposite direction). If he needs to climb up stairs to return, he goes exactly away from the stairs.

After some time the training center will call the gnomes for the next round of training, this resets the pathfinding, and the gnome finds his way (usually) to the destination. But until then he is anywere on the map.

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