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General / Its time to lock the forum
« on: February 26, 2018, 10:27:04 AM »
This form is pretty well dead and has been for some time. Moderators can you lock the place up to serve as an archive of what is known of gnomoria?
Maybe put a sticky to use the steam forums for any questions new users have?

General / is lag largly pathfinding related?
« on: February 24, 2015, 09:51:38 AM »
My advanced kingdoms suffer extreme but intermittent lag. For my current kingdom, in year 43 just sometimes there are intense bouts of unplayable lag. Lag has become a constant battle at this point but certain conditions are clearly making it worse.

It often occurs when i have a merchant trying to leave the kingdom. It occurs sometimes when there is not enough for my gnomes to do. It occurs during any invasion with severity related to the invasion size.

My kingdom is walled off, with a double pathing trap as the only entrance most of the time. I have a hatch bridge powered by a hand crank two levels above the bridge. The gnomes who power the hand crank are set to avoid enemies, when they see enemies crossing the bridge they often leave their post, i assume that is why. That breaks in coming pathing. This is followed by a pit fall trap which kills most incoming enemies/merchants. The pit fall trap interrupts pathing as well, by closing hatches and mechanical walls. If there are enough enemies they get to the final pathing trap which is a non-passable mechanical wall path with pressure plates on either side. Enemies step on their side and it blocks their path, there is no alternate way into or out of the kingdom when this happens.

I can shutdown the non-passable wall and trap, to allow gnomes in and out safely.

I did have large food stocks available, and i received 40+ mant invasions, while the mants were on the map i would receive this intense lag. I have since reduced food stock and do not feel those effects so strongly for mants.

When i have a merchant which wishes to leave they will almost always run to the non-passable wall over and over again. They will hit the pressure plate, be blocked, then run away, and then try again after only 10 tiles away. They often do this until i can get an engineer to the switch to turn it off. That can be up to 30 in games minutes when engineers are busy. During this time my kingdom will always lag. If this coincides with an invasion, lag becomes "unplayable" the gui goes to 3-6 second delay for any click, or key press.

All of this points to too much pathing calculation.

* Is that right?
* are there other sources of lag?

For the example of the merchant trying to leave this could be corrected by letting them give up, they should at least go do whatever they thought they were going to do while they wait.  Any time a path gets recalculated and blocked, it should be marked invalid for awhile. 5-30 ingame minutes would seem reasonable anything like that would seem helpful. Idle status for entities should come with a path lasting 3 or so ingame minutes long to prevent constant checks for getting back to work.

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