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Help and Guides / Taking mechanics requests.
« on: March 22, 2016, 06:25:43 PM »
I am offering help to any gnoministrators out there who may have questions or ideas for using mechanisms to interact with their worlds.

Don't be shy, even if its just a simple question I can point you in the right direction.

Suggestions / Small question for Indev
« on: February 10, 2015, 06:13:35 PM »
Currently a lever can receive and send power to a vertical axle placed directly under it. (While its on of course)
How hard would it be to have a lever respond to a change in this and only this axle to change its state regarding the axles on its horizontal plane?

Help and Guides / Module based mechanics guide
« on: February 10, 2015, 12:23:54 AM »
[tldr] Intro: Modules + Connections + Plan = Mechanism | (you can skip to the second post now) (well once I finish it all)
This guide is not an introduction to mechanics, some basic understanding of how mechanics work in Gnomoria is needed. Go to green text for some mechanics info.

This guide will aim to provide tools ranging from simple to more complex to allow people to adapt mechanics to their worlds and style. (I will continue to work on this as I add in content I have)
At each point I will run through the steps I take to make an idea into a functioning design. I will list parts, functions, interactions, modules, connections, and plans/ideas in the following posts.
   Onward to the explaining. (I will be following along as I explain with me planning a revised obsidian farm)
The very first step is to get a concept of what you want to accomplish. A gate with pitfall, water tower, lava moat, mechanized trade post, and many more. (My goal did not start off about mechanics, I wanted to make obsidian golems for kingdom defense)
Next step is to pick a location so you can plan the location of any entry, exit, power line, control room, lava supply,  traps, shooting rooms, holding cells, air-locks, and many more. (If we can get a community list going I will add it here)
When trying to pick a location for my new obsidian farm I will look for a place that I can dig a tube for lava easily, then I will plan out the location of where water will be coming from. (Exact details are not needed just make sure there is room to build around)
I can make room for the access way and control room so I don't have to worry about their location like I would for a gate. Since lava is unlimited I will focus on the water source to decide the location.
Third step is to "write out" what functions/modules you will need to accomplish your goal. Since most of the time its hard to figure out how to reach an end goal without knowing what you can do, this is where modulation comes in. (Module focus in third post)
I have some experience with mechanics so I came up with these needed modules/functions for my obsidian farm: rain collector, 2 storage tanks, vertical lava tube, 2 control valves, channels for the liquids, 2 release pipes, and 2 timed pumps.
Now that you have a general idea for how to plan a project out its time to figure out how to build it all.

Parts | Go to post two
   Listing Parts, Functions, Interactions,
Modules | Guide on post three | List on post four
   Connections, Modules, Shaping, Module Interaction,
| Advanced / unstable | Go to post five
   Pathing, Safety, Complex Concepts, Large Scale Inter-Connection, Bugs,

Mechanics Info
If you are new to mechanics I am not going to send you down river without a paddle. Take some links (If there are links/tips you want added pm me or reply! Expanding this list helps everyone)

| Wiki | Tinker | Basics | Monster Info | | | | |
Trickle Feeder | Kelderek cyberphenaeri | Pitfall | Gariba village8/Raneck| Smasher Machine | Auto Entry Sunswords | | | | |
Discussion | Discussion | Discussion | | | |
Self Links Discusion | Alarm Gate | Workshops | First Prison | Obsidian farm | Vertical power | Tomes | Water Discussion | Moat | Shrine | | Beetle | Beetle Challenge | No tech mushroom farm | Dropping items |

   General tips.   (Green text will highlight important places to look throughout the rest of the guide)

Setting Cardinal directions This really helps keep you orientated while trying to line up structures under ground. I find the basic colored stone to work well (I replaced sandstone with ceramic and bauxite with brick)
An early game medic/doctor can be kept from idling by doing research,  wait time for injured gnomes is lessened if he tinkers by the hospital. (The guy saving gnomes after losing limbs helping invent new ones)

Part: Any individual piece of a mechanism (Lever, axle, fence, hatch, wall, etc.)
Function: What a part can do/enable while passive(always on functions) and (on or off). (Hatch: passive transmit power, off hole , on floor | Fence: passive sight, passive block path)
Interaction: Functions of two or more parts combined to make a new/desired function.
Module: A set of connected parts that interact to provide an expanded/specific function. Also any collection of parts that act/react reliably to perform a function.
Connections: How to link/arrange parts for control and distribution of power to functions. (Aka power state of plate, vertical and horizontal transmission, triggering, and timing)
Plan: The needed modules and connections to accomplish the end goal.
Position: If number it refers to layer from origin (0). IE. A mechwall is built at layer -7, if off floor at 0 (aka -7), if on wall at 0 and floor at 1 (aka -6). This is unused for parts or modules that are flat. (Origin: control room, spawn floor, etc)
Position: If direction it refers to exactly that, but with reference to an object. IE. I would call the direction a lever receives power the back.

When I say something requires a gnome an automaton can take their place. (Unless something changes, which I don't expect)
Power is not directional, it is either connected or not. So when I talk about direction of power it is in relation to its connection. IE. Saying "a lever can power a vertical axle below it" means a lever can transmit power up or down through a vertical axle below it.
I will not be covering self-powered traps as I think they are generally useless. By the time I could make a single one I wouldn't waste the metal or KW on it, When I am at a point where I don't care about metal or KW I won't ever need self-power traps.
Items and entities don't fall instantly, this is observable over longer fall distances, my cook was able to craft two sandwiches in the time it takes items to fall ~70 floors. (I understand that reference of time is useless)
Edit: Fixed link to basic tutorial, sorry about that.

General / Beetle Farm Challenge!
« on: January 10, 2015, 08:45:52 PM »
I would like to issue a challenge to the Gnomoria community to make a beetle farm.

I have searched many worlds for beetles hoping each one would be the one where I can perfect my designs and prosper from a controlled beetle horde.
In those many worlds few have I encountered beetles and even fewer managed to trap and contain them, I know this is not an easy challenge to accomplish but it will be rewarding.

There is no denying the benefits of farming skills on living enemies, the easiest among them being farming golems, but just how much could you farm out of beetles?
How will unleashing a horde of beetles upon goblin raiders make you feel?
Criteria for being judged the "winning" design. (I actually think just accomplishing it counts as winning)
Its no good if all the beetles die or can wander out, make a way to ensure the survival of breeding stock.
If you spawn too many beetles how will you solve the issue without risking lives? (Auto-kill system, shooting range, trickle feeder)
How successful of a beetle farm it is. I.E. What can you do with it, how many beetles can it handle? Can you path them into other enemies, a shooting range, or an arena?
http://forums.gnomoria.com/index.php?topic=7437.0 (Some info on my previous attempts)
http://forums.gnomoria.com/index.php?topic=7342 (Beetle farm that inspired challenge)
Going to add more links above as they become relevant to the conversation. (Feel free to notify me of links that belong here)

DerCid TheGnome

Suggestions / Change formation at time slots.
« on: January 09, 2015, 11:57:53 AM »
I would like an option to set a "temporary" formation next to the time slots on training grounds and patrol routes.
This would override but not replace their squad formation and after a squad leaves they should go back to their default set formation.

People could add in a time slot of monk training rather then having to keep track of how long they leave the formation changed. (While also not worrying about changing it for real combat)
In some worlds I like to have 3 squads share patrol duty but also want them to train as monks and spend time training with swords as they cycle the duty.
I would just set a scout formation on the patrol route, a monk formation on one training ground time slot , and leave the third time slot alone so they can train in their default formation (swords).

I am sure there are many uses I just wanted to cover the 2 I wanted it for. I would love to hear peoples opinion on this.

Support / Gnomes can be pushed through floors?
« on: December 31, 2014, 08:36:46 AM »
I was pathing some enemies into an arena and a fight broke out between one of my "wardens" and a ogre that was a square up and to the left of him. (I already know that fights can start diagonally )
What freaked me out is that the ogre got a "push back" on my warden, but it didn't push him backwards it pushed him down through a solid floor and he fell into a water tank.

I feel pretty confident that this is a bug (gnomes getting pushed through solid objects) and I would like to know if any one else has seen it. I am going to try a place finding a way to test it now.

Help and Guides / Breaking Combat
« on: December 28, 2014, 06:58:56 PM »
Saw "theory-crafting" on the forum and want to try some of it here.

If armor repairs when combat stops does that also reset the the max block chance on shield blocking as well as the max dodge cap?
Is a gnome who just left to bandage counted as "out" of combat?
How does the game know/handle how combat is broken?

My idea is to make a fighting area in front of my gate that uses mechanism set-ups to try and "break" combat repeatedly during a fight, perhaps rendering fully steel clad gnomes invincible if the armor never has a chance to break.
While of course my gnomes would have to be skilled enough to break into goblins since they would get the same "reset", but I don't think that is much of an issue.
If I can't accomplish this from a mechanics point of view would having two "taunt tank" squads be able to juggle enemies attention while the weakened parties get the combat reset from fleeing.

I currently have a design for a "checker board" of mechwalls; It is flat when in standard position and then flips making each square have 2 vertical distance from each square directly next to it.
This of course would not reset anything fighting on the same square, for that I would need a way to displace enemies and friendlies before the flip (lots of shields/hammers?). I could also accomplish the displacement with water but that would get costly.
I have multiple "clock" designs (new safe/consistent ones thanks to automatons) that can be used to find a good timing for how often/when the pit should flip and for how long.

Again this was all theory crafting. I have not attempted this yet (many designs needed for it I have already built) just wanted to field the idea and see what kind of conversation grows from it.

Pictures / Filling the second layer in my moat
« on: December 27, 2014, 01:46:12 PM »
I was planning/building/storing water for this for several years now and when I went to release it was pretty satisfying to watch so I reloaded it to take some screens.
I am going to post two images here but the rest are in the album below.

A short time after the release.

When the sun rose the water had settled. (rain started falling in the morning lucky me)

Suggestions / Poisoning mant bribes
« on: December 12, 2014, 01:57:32 PM »
Just found a large fire ant nest outside next to where my cats hang out and an idea popped into my head.
Since mants will already steal food / take bribes, in the future I would like the option to try poisoning them. If it works cut back the time until the next raid, if it fails have them swarm us with no way of knowing the results until it happens. (Like a Schrodinger's cat hazard)

Help and Guides / Entity(golem) based Latch
« on: December 10, 2014, 10:19:03 AM »
Screenshots and descriptions in a neat little album. (I have no idea if someone has already made this, I have tried looking)


I have tested this with gnomes being both the latch entity and latch triggers and it works as intended. I am just waiting for a golem to spawn in it (no reason for you guys to wait).
I am sure many of you reading this are already thinking of ways to expand on this. If you need help changing it up or building it for a different purpose let me know (chances are I can help).
Any and all questions are welcome. I am currently fiddling with making clocks/repeaters and progress looks good. (Started a new thread as I will use this one for golem based designs not ones limited to my mech world)

Pictures / Land of Tomes
« on: December 09, 2014, 06:51:57 PM »
Here are some pics from a world I had a lot of fun in. (Not my mech test world)

Land of Tomes http://imgur.com/a/Fxk4W#0

Shows animal scanner, prison, trickle feeder, smasher trap, small staged fight, wild animal trap, rain collector, liquid management, and a better look at obsidian farm construction.
If you want me to describe something in better detail just ask.

Support / Camera sent off map while rotating at edge.
« on: December 07, 2014, 03:02:54 PM »
Often enough when I try rotating near an edge or corner of a map it has chance of throwing the camera into a weird location.
It happens at any Z level but more often near the bottom of the map. Is there something I am missing/doing wrong when this happens?
Any help or suggestions appreciated, it doesn't break anything but I cant figure out why it happens some times and not others.
I have changed key-bindings.

Support / Failure to turn on a steam engine that is in water.
« on: November 22, 2014, 01:17:13 PM »
I ran into what may be a small bug. Can anyone turn on a steam engine that was built on a small bit of water?
It only had 1% water but the gnome sent to turn it on just sat there for hours. Deconstructing and removing the water fixed the issue.

I will try to see if I can recreate it.

Help and Guides / Water efficient mushroom farm guide (no tech needed)
« on: November 16, 2014, 06:02:22 PM »

Current water mechanics will let water flow past scaffolding but not down it. (Someone shared this before)
This is a "tower" with 9x9 dirt floors on each layer with scaffolding built straight up the middle on each layer.
This can be extended downward for as long as you need with more water needed the farther it drops.
My mushroom tower is 10 layers tall with 80 spots per layer giving me 800 spaces to farm. (Which I believe is more than enough to live on its just backup for me)

What ends up making this water efficient is how you deconstruct the scaffolding.
Once the top layer fills up as much as you feel comfortable with 30-50% works well. (If you need help getting water to the first layer feel free to pm me)
Deconstruct the next scaffolding down and the water will start to rush filling the next layer.  (If the water does not flow you need to update a "natural" part of the terrain connected to the water.)
Time the deconstruction of the next scaffolding down for when the water in the layer above it reaches the 5x5 space around the hole/scaffolding top. (The timing can be late but it should not be early if in doubt wait until each layer has water to the edge)
As you do this with the layers the water "falling" from the already flooded layers comes down to fill the next, but since each layer that has water is pushing water down to the next little to none of it is evaporating on the fall to the needed layers saving a good bit of water.
Rinse and repeat for each layer you wish to fill. If all worked out the last few layers should end up with about 1-2% water across them before it drys or falls into the last one.

Again any and all questions welcome. Edit: Forgot to add the left over space in the center is perfect for torches.

Help and Guides / Beetle Management.
« on: November 15, 2014, 05:03:46 PM »
Decided to stop hijacking a post and make this.
Here is a small easy to build beetle farm. The picture at the left is the layer under the picture to the right. The gearbox connects directly in front of the steam engine.

(Note the one way gate on the right side was only to feed the beetles into the farm, the plan was then to fill that room with 9 mechwalls like the room on the left.)
The levers on the top layer are just for the smashers.
The levers on the bottom layer are to allow access from each room above.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.

The main reason I made this post was not to share this but to share beetle mechanics.
They (as far as I can see) have a nesting/home behavior I have not encountered before in other creatures. If they cant path to your gnomes or to where their "nest" is they just stop and do absolutely nothing.
I have already destroyed the majority of their old home, (do I need to completely remove it and refill it?) but the beetles still refuse to even budge from that square. (making it impossible to finish the farm without killing them)

I am taking request for experiments with them once I can get them to accept the new home I built for them.
The other stuff shown in the picture to the right is part of one of the four wings in my prison complex, consider it a spoiler for the big release.

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