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Title: building bug and crafting bugs
Post by: dakenho on November 18, 2017, 10:49:17 AM
I have notice a problem with building buildings, i often somehow have gnomes that cant figure out construction jobs, this seems most prevalent when many gnomes are on similar construction projects using similar materials, start a new game, mine down to some stone and dig out a small chunk for this project, build a large square wall on the suffice and assign all gnomes to build the wall, gnomes with 2 behaviors that i would consider bugs, 1 they will attempt to construct something on a tile a gnome is standing (they do this any constructions) then both constructions fail until the gnome goes and gets something to eat or sleeps, the other is the same piece of material can be assigned to multiple constructions jobs, in the case of the wall in every game i have done this two gnomes will attempt to steal a piece of stone from another gnome currently trying to build a wall section. you can tell this is the case because the construction sprite will flicker colors.

the crafting bug
for some reason the construct missing materials thing can often result in excess materials, queue up a full set of metal armor for 10 gnomes and let everything required be automatically queued you will likely end up with excess materials, though craft to seems to work fine for this (i suspect this is something where hauled materials maybe flagged as unavailable so the shop just crafts a new one or something)
Title: Re: building bug and crafting bugs
Post by: Skyjorkko on January 23, 2018, 12:11:25 AM
I want you to understand this more content to more accurately without having to read several times.